How to use dynamic image to enhance the charm of Web pages?

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The information conveyed by dynamic images on the Web page is technically not a problem. How to use dynamic images to make Web pages more attractive, by making them follow the content of the communication around the theme?

The more advanced science and technology, the more lazy people. When we are tired of words and pictures in the network of information explosion, dynamic images are usually exciting. UGC Short video Community's booming, indicating that users gradually love the production of video recording and expression, instant messaging software features from a single send text to add audio and video, the user's communication mode is changing. The information conveyed by dynamic images on the Web page is technically not a problem. How to use dynamic images to make Web pages more attractive, by making them follow the content of the communication around the theme?

  A. Focus on the content and bring it quickly into

Video, is the most intuitive way of conveying information, greatly reducing the reading cost of text, suitable for a short period of time to speak clearly one thing, conducive to the spread of sharing. First from the user content based on the creative platform, Kickstarter believe, "a good idea, through appropriate communication, can be widely circulated quickly." With the audience to the video expression of favor, the video becomes the mainstream of project creativity exposure Way, most of the creative people choose affectionate and Mao speech, make idea itself more persuasive and appealing. Every year, Kickstarter selects the annual Best project, makes the website's annual collection of promotional feature pages, and enhances the brand charm of the website platform. Topic page first fly into the sketchy slogan and a few key data to support the browser, ease the loading time of the web, so that large video background dynamic image can be smoothly switched playback. The annual project takes the new user into the content quickly with the dynamic image way, understands the platform idea.

→kickstarter Annual Collection

  B. Prelude to the scene

Text and images are not enough to be immersive? Create scene feeling with video, enhance user's real experience. Eleks company Creative production of the Googleglass concept of the Web site is to do so, the Web page with a dynamic image Prelude, rendering immersive scene. Put on the googleglass, through the subjective lens lets the user imagine real life as the electronic game world, gives the foot user brain to fill the picture. After the overture, add the mouse interaction in the dynamic image, through slowly guide the key to the technical information and other content elaborated clearly. Enhance the experience at the same time, but also to improve the site to stay time effective way.

→google Glass experiment-real-life Digital Game

  C. A good clue, image fragment montage.

Video fragments are enough to prop up an interesting little video, first of all to find a good clue. First to mention a small chestnut, Google this year's International Women's Day Doodle Choose dynamic image breakthrough Conventional art illustration form, light search home. This video doodle a picture kebab with a smile from a woman around the world, a local phrase. Pro-people of the pedestrian image and the civilian lens to narrow the distance between the user, the video cheerful little Rhythm music exceptionally small fresh, it is easy to feel simple, close to life.

→google doodle-International Women's Day

How is the rhythm of the image fragment closely related to what kind of emotion is to be conveyed, and how does it form a sense of rhythm? To organize the image fragments of similar lenses into a consistent picture movement speed can form a unique order. Nissin (Day-clear food) before entering the official website to add the dynamic image, through close-up slow lens to the day clear food, food and characters to meet the expression of organization, to 5 seconds a fragment switching and slow-motion content formation speed contrast. Video at the beginning of the dynamic image can set the cooking countdown time, as a clue, Han "fast food", and add fresh food to the screen so that people have to wait for the good experience of fast food, wake-up the user's taste, with a good mood to enter the official website.


Looking for a good clue to string up a fragmented image can make the whole creative performance rich and complete. And the chestnut of the rich and powerful, the year of the MAC30 Project page project, highlighting the brand of Apple's majestic momentum. "At the same time, different timezone, using Apple devices to create miracles." "The filming team selected 15 shooting sites in different time zones on five continents, taking the Los Angeles Studios as the command center, using iphone5s at the same time to capture footage from people all over the world using Apple products for an unimaginable moment." Due to the same time shooting with the command center real-time communication and video synchronization, MAC30 year video in a few days to complete the production. The use of equipment from the entire recording and production team to the recorded content, locking the theme, powerfully conveys Apple's brand promise to empower everyone with technological creativity.

→mac 30-years

→mac 30-years behind-the-scenes Story

  D. Stories and topics, gracefully splitting sentiments

It is one of the trends in the future, and video is a good way to tell a story, to convey the message to the user emotionally through storytelling. MAC30 years later the story is not finished, Apple on the website of the ipad on the theme as a continuation of brand commitment, "Your Psalm" series of stories, record people's love and passion for life. It is worth mentioning that this topic has been going on for six months, passionate, almost every month will bring us new stories and surprises. Recently, the topic has been cross-platform, and a version of TV commercials has been put on local TV stations. "Your Psalm" originally originated from Apple's overture of the beginning of the year, Your verse anthem (Your hymn) to the lofty pursuit of life and the meaning of real life, in Apple's brand concept to inject life attitude.

→ Your-verse

Set up an open topic to expand user interaction, through dynamic images to explain. Eastpak Brand Advertising Activity Web page to express the propaganda topic with the beautiful image fragment record way: #The last times you did the first thing# (the most recent thing to do in life), the video fragment rolls around 5s to express an event. Beautiful lens so that the sight can not be removed, dynamic screen reading sequence to the text and a hint of the rhythm of the stream of consciousness, to travellers and hobbies of extreme sports young users to convey a 38-year-old brand of the courage to break through and adhere to. Web Interactive landed on the official Facebook wall, recording an extended discussion of the topic.


  Written in the last

Perhaps someone laments the high cost of making video, but the idea is priceless. If you have thoughts, look for a good clue for the product, lift up the camera or cell phone, capture some image fragments, the story is around. The impetuous Internet still has what can attract eyeball, impress the heart? Surprise and resonance.

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