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Step 1: First, users need to connect the mobile phone to the computer, installation and running Brush Machine Wizard, the program will automatically detect the model, and automatically install the relevant driver. Remember to keep your phone powered on.

Step 2: Then the user needs to go to the ROM market to choose to download the appropriate ROM package, and then click on the "one Button brush Machine" button to enter the download status.

Step 3: Because the brush opportunity to clear the monkey urgent data, so before brushing the machine to back up the data of the mobile phone, select a good need to back up the items and then click the "Brush Machine" function button.

Step 4: After the data is fully backed up, the program will automatically download the ROM packet before the test, and then into the brush machine state. In the process of brushing the machine, the user should make sure that the mobile phone is connected to the computer properly.

Step 5: The end user will be able to witness the miracle of the moment! When the brush is finished, a prompt box pops up indicating that the device has been successfully brushed.

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