How to use Capture software Wireshark on Windows systems to intercept network communication data such as the iphone

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Today we will introduce a method of how to use the famous grab kit software Wireshark on Windows operating system to intercept the network communication data of iphone, ipad and other iOS devices or Android devices.

App apps that are developed on iphone iOS or Android will basically need to use network communication to transfer data. Developers may sometimes need to grab a packet to see what data the app is transmitting and whether the data is correct. Today we'll show you how to use the famous grab kit software Wireshark on your Windows operating system to intercept network communication data for iOS devices such as iphone, ipad, or Android devices.

To capture the data transmitted by the iphone we can't do it directly on the iphone. So my idea is to install a Wireshark capture software on Windows, and this computer has a wireless card. Then I set up the wireless network card of this Windows computer to be a wireless router, and then connect with the iphone to this virtual wireless router.

So all the data transmitted by the iphone will go to the wireless card of our Windows computer, and then we can use Wireshark to capture all the network data of this wireless card, including the network communication data of our iphone. Through my actual test, this idea is completely feasible. Here we need to use two software, one is the wireshark mentioned above, and the other is the ability to change the computer's wireless card as a shared wireless router connectify hotspot software.


Wireshark Grab package Software: Wireshark (formerly known as Ethereal) is a network packet analysis software. The function of the network packet analysis software is to retrieve the network packet and display the most detailed network packet information as far as possible.

connectify Hotspot software: The ability to turn a computer's wireless card into a wireless router-sharing wireless network software

A Windows computer with a wireless card

Software Name:
Connectify Pro cracked version v6.0.0.28615 [with serial number]
Software size:
Update Time:

Configuring Connectify Hotspot

Software Name:
Wireshark (Network packet Analysis tool) captures network packets V2.0.4 official English installation version
Software size:
Update Time:


1, two software installation completed, run Connectify hotspot, open the lower right corner of the Connectify Hotspot window, set password, and so on the iphone we want to use this password authentication. The second Internet to share is to select the wireless network card of the Windows computer, I show the Wi-Fi directly here. Then share over also choose Wi-Fi. The following is the encryption method, which is the same as setting the wireless router encryption. The default WPA2 is used here. Then click the Start Hotspot button to turn this Windows computer's wireless card into a wireless router. Such as:


iphone connection Connectify Hotspot

1, connectify hotspot successfully run, open the iphone, enter the settings - Wireless LAN . Here you will see a new wireless network called Connectify-me. Click on it, then enter the password we set on the Connectify hotspot to connect. Such as:

2, after the successful connection can open the browser on the iphone to try to open a Web page to see if it can be opened. If you can open it, that means it's successful.


Get iphone network communication data with Wireshark grab bag

1, run Wireshark, click on the window Interface List, to see which net card is sending and receiving data packets, from packets that one can be seen. Click the Select box on the front of the NIC to select it, then click the Start button to start grabbing the package. Such as:

2. Now you can run a variety of Web applications on the iphone, so long as they have network traffic to transmit any data, Wireshark can intercept the data. For example, I used the iphone browser Safari to visit Connectify's website, Wireshark caught the HTTP packet. I used an HTTP filter that only shows all the HTTP packets. This allows us to successfully use Wireshark to crawl the iphone's network data.


The above is on the Windows system with grab package software Wireshark intercept the iphone and other network communication data method, hope to help you!

How to use Capture software Wireshark on Windows systems to intercept network communication data such as the iphone

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