How to Use Wix to create a Chinese installation package

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We can use Wix to make a very beautiful Installation File. For example, the famous sharpdevelop is the installation file used for it. It was downloaded yesterday and tried it for a while,
I feel very good. I personally think it is clearer than the installation file provided by vs (maybe I won't make it myself), but the MSI files generated by sharpdevelop are all in English.
If you add Chinese characters to WXS, the generated Installation File becomes garbled, which greatly hinders the popularity of the tool.

The results are displayed on the official website. The website provides different languages:

The following is an installation package that can display Chinese characters using sharpdevelop.
1. Create an installation project
Second: Save the WXS file as a file in UTF-8 format, and add
<? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
Third: Modify the regionCodePage, as follows:
Language = "2052" codePage = "936" (Simplified Chinese)
Fourth: Set localized string file in the Properties column of the project to the file you just downloaded.
Fifth, an error may occur during the build project because the en-US file is not the same as the content in ZH-CN. For example, I encountered an error.
En-US version
<String id = "installdirdlgbrowse"> B & amp; Rowse... </string>
En-CN version
<String id = "installdirdlgchange"> change (& amp; c)... </string>

Change ZH-CN to en-us.

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