How to use PS to make cool rotating qq avatar?

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Are you still worried about not making cool rotating QQ avatar? See others released good-looking cool rotating QQ avatar, I also want to learn to make? Today QQ No limit small compilation teaches you how to use PS to make cool rotating QQ avatar!

Tools/raw Materials

Adobe Photoshop CS3


1 Double click icon to open Photoshop graphics image software

Create a 200*200 large transparent image

Set foreground color to black (color value: #000000) and press the shortcut key: Alt+delete The new layer to fill the foreground color

Click on the red circle icon to create a new layer

Using the rectangular marquee tool, the box is selected as shown in the following illustration:

Click the right button in the dotted box-stroke, pop-up Stroke dialog box;

Set width to: 8px, click the Color box, pop-up Select the Stroke Color dialog box, set the color

Press Ctrl+d to cancel the dashed box

Use the Text tool to enter "cool Otaku"

Click the pop-up set text size, line spacing, color and other information.

Select Layer 2 and type layer, right key merge layer

Click on the FX icon--Gradient overlay

Set the gradient color, select the last stripe of the preset, and modify the color and position

Modify the style to: angle; angle: 0 degrees, as shown above:

General Effect Chart:

Animation production: Window--animation, pop-up

Click the red circle icon to copy 6 frames, as shown below:

Select the second frame, modify its layer style angle is 120, the other frames are 100, 80, 60, 40, 20

Click to view the effect, obviously flash too fast, we modify the next delay time, select all the frames, in the "0 seconds" position click the right button to select the "other" pop-up set delay of 0.15 seconds, in view of the effect.

Save GIF Pictures

FILE--, Pop-up Storage dialog box, set as follows:

Click "Save" for saving. So cool QQ Avatar on the production completed. The effect chart is as follows:


Attention matters

In the production process should be kept at all times, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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