How to use the beauty map to look at the photo EXIF information

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"Exif Information" is a series of information collected by a digital camera during the filming process, which is equivalent to a set of photographing parameters in the JPEG image file format. It is important for video lovers to learn and shoot with each other. And if some digital photos show "The image does not have EXIF information", it may have been some form of processing resulted in the loss of EXIF data, or with a digital camera does not support EXIF. So, what's the use of this tedious parameter information? You're going to have fun? Don't worry, and listen to the small knitting one by one.

1. There is a picture of the truth with the United States look at the details of EXIF information

For DC enthusiasts, when looking at a beautiful digital photograph, hope to be able to understand at the same time the camera, exposure value, focal length value and other parameters, in order to learn from the purpose of learning, the general practice is to download these digital photos back, and then use the beauty map to look at the map tools to see the EXIF information, as shown in Figure 1. Think of the original, sharp brother Red over the north and south, someone in the search for this June photo source, photos of EXIF information also gave a great help.

2. Convenient on-line inquiry uses the Exifshow plug-in

If you do not need to do other processing, just want to look at EXIF information, can also be used "Exifshow plug-ins" to help. When you view a photo in a browser after installing this plugin, select View EXIF information from the right mouse menu to display if the photo contains EXIF information, as shown in Figure 2, right-click in the information list, or copy selected EXIF information to the Clipboard or save as a text file.

Figure 2 Using the Exifshow plugin to view

3. Security to be carefree and careful save EXIF information

Some online photography competition, requires users to submit photos must retain EXIF information, and EXIF information often because of the choice of preservation methods, inadvertently deleted. The loss of EXIF information will not only affect the exchange of learning, but also the loss of the opportunity to participate in the film competition. So be careful to save the photos EXIF information, such as after using Photoshop adjusted photos, save to choose "Save as", you can retain EXIF information, as shown in Figure 3, and choose "Save as Web format" will delete Exif information.

Figure 3 to select the Save As command

4. Know enough to change EXIF information

In fact, the EXIF information in digital photos can be modified, some low-level photography enthusiasts in order to participate in the photographic contest, in order to hide their digital photo processing traces, they wantonly tamper with EXIF information in the shooting parameters. However, there is a good side to modifying EXIF information, such as the photographer can add "copyright information" and "User annotation" to their digital photos. Modify the EXIF information in digital photos, can be EXIF Editor, its operation is very simple, import digital photos, directly modify the parameters on the line, as shown in Figure 4, also can take EXIF information separately and save as the photo file with the same name *. EXIF files.

Figure 4 Exif editor Operation interface

Summary: "I read nine years old, 20 years old to reach the peak." I now look at social humanities books, such as "bosom Friend" "Story" ... Push forward 300 years, push back 300 years, a total of 600 years no one over me. "Sister Feng, if you want to catch up with this sister source map sources, may wish to also pay attention to EXIF information.

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