How to use the bucket map artifact? Diagram of the use of bucket chart artifact

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First: Bucket map of the community, tens of thousands of enthusiasts, gathered in order to fight the great cause of the plot, like to spoof, drawing friends can share pictures, exchange learning graphics experience, "bucket map artifact" so that everyone is "expression Emperor."

Second: Every day there is a new template, as long as the network on some of these can be found, God-level with the text recommended, do not choke on the death of opponents will never stop!

Third: Mass picture aggregation, one key can be saved to their mobile phone, never missing a new picture, as long as you sharp-sighted!

Four: Heavy launch of the image production function, let your own DIY facial expression to create their own expression factory! Select the template, customize the handy text, and create the desired image effect.

Five: At present the most full of gold curator expression, a violent comic expression library, support in micro-letter, QQ, Sina Weibo, send a variety of expressions. Micro-letter, QQ chat bucket map, no longer need not worry about the map!!

Ok above is about the bucket map artifact of a use method, hope this tutorial can understand bucket map artifact use.

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