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First of all, it is mentioned that users who need the free wifi of a young cheetah must obtain the invitation code of the Cheetah free WiFi, 10 o ' 10 o'clock in the morning and 10,000 in every two hours. In the Cheetah Free WiFi Application page fills in the personal QQ mailbox can obtain the Cheetah free WiFi invitation code, the invitation code will display in the Application Success page also will send the personal QQ mailbox. Of course the Cheetah free WiFi invitation code can only be used once per computer and cannot be used more than one terminal.

Fill in the QQ mailbox application cheetah free WiFi invitation code

Get the Cheetah free WiFi invitation code

The first time you install cheetah free WiFi You need to enter the invitation code just to get the next installation, the installation of the steps do not need to set up the installation directory, and the software is less volume, can be achieved with the use of the purpose, more convenient.

Initial installation needs to enter the Cheetah free WiFi invitation code

The Cheetah free WiFi installation

Let the computer turn free WiFi?

The Cheetah free WiFi software interface is relatively fresh and concise, there is no advertising phenomenon has been found. The flat design style makes people look very comfortable.

Cheetah free WiFi Boot

Open the Cheetah free WiFi without any setup to use other devices to connect to the virtual network, of course, if you want to modify the WiFi network name can be clicked on the location of the red circle, to modify.

Cheetah free WiFi Start successful

After filling in the WiFi name and WiFi password, click OK to save the success.

Modify Cheetah free WiFi name and password

Turn on your mobile phone or tablet device, find the WiFi name you just modified in the wireless network, and then fill in the WiFi password to join the success, from the actual use of the network is very fast to join.

Mobile phones and other terminal devices join Cheetah free WiFi

After successfully joining the WiFi network, the cheetah free WiFi at the end of the computer prompts the user to have a terminal connected to the network.

Manage devices that add to the cheetah Free WiFi network

In the Cheetah free WiFi management panel can be viewed and managed for the devices currently connected to the network, the entire management panel has no extra features and buttons, the function is very focused.

Cheetah free WiFi admin panel

Once the cheetah free WiFi virtual network with strangers to join, you can manage through the management panel, such as kicking people's operations, to prevent strangers from rubbing the net!

The Cheetah free WiFi easy kicking people to prevent rubbing nets

The previous article said that the cheetah free WiFi software is very small, so it is completely set to boot up for users with very rigid WiFi network requirements. Every time the device connected to the network joins or leaves, it is able to get a notification through the cheetah free WiFi.

The Cheetah free WiFi feature is very simple

Written in the last

From the entire trial of the cheetah free WiFi, the speed of joining WiFi network is quite fast and it is not easy to break the network for a long time. But the cheetah free WiFi and the current software market WiFi sharing software function is not very different, the current only advantage is that the software is small, functional specificity, do not need to bundle other software features installed together. It is a good choice for users who simply need wireless WiFi, but it is not possible to remind some of the small white users that desktop computers use the Cheetah free WiFi as a prerequisite for the wireless card.

Cheetah free WiFi requires wireless card support

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