How to use the mobile hard disk? 10 tips for using a mobile hard drive

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Mobile hard disk in the use of sometimes problems, such as data loss in the mobile hard disk, mobile hard disk virus and so on, and even some users because the use of incorrect methods, causing problems in the hard disk is possible. In fact, when using the mobile hard disk as long as a little attention to some, these problems will not appear. So, what should be noticed in the use of mobile HDD?

1, in the purchase of the drive, try not to buy too cheap products, because the price will determine the material of the mobile hard disk box, and the material is too omission can not guarantee the stable operation of the mobile hard disk, for the future application of the hidden dangers, we recommend that we consider the outstanding workmanship and quality assurance products.

2, mobile hard disk partition best not more than 2, otherwise when you start the mobile drive will increase the system retrieval and use of waiting time. Users who use the full Speed USB2.0 (formerly known as USB1.1) transmission interface should be more taboo, otherwise they will waste a lot of valuable time.

3, using the general use of the mobile hard disk box, it is best not to plug in the long-term work on the computer, mobile hard disk is used to temporarily exchange or store data, not a local hard disk. It is always possible to work in harsh environments compared to internal hard drives, and should minimize working time. If you need to dump the download data, the correct way is to use the local hard drive to download and organize the data, and then copy to the mobile hard disk, not on the mobile hard disk to complete. Better working mobile hard disk box can also be as far as possible to follow this operation, after all, can be more secure.

4. Do not defragment the hard disk, otherwise it will be easy to damage the hard disk. If you do need to tidy up, you can copy the data from the entire partition and copy it back.

5, the mobile hard disk does not recognize or copy will be disconnected how to solve it?

(1) It is best not to use a USB extension cable, the quality of this line is generally not very good, will make USB data synchronization error, so that the mobile hard disk does not work properly. If the front USB interface on the chassis can not guarantee the normal use, mostly for power supply problems, should try to plug the mobile hard disk in the original motherboard on the USB interface.

(2) Inferior USB hard disk box does poorly workmanship, resulting in insufficient power supply or data loss and other phenomena. Try to replace the inferior data cable with a high-quality USB cable with a shielded layer; If the situation is still, you can borrow or replace a hard drive test, if not, the most reliable way is to replace the mobile hard disk box early.

(3) The USB interface is not compatible, and the situation is relatively rare but still not ruled out.

6, do not mix with the power supply line, because the mobile hard disk box power supply line There is a special phenomenon, for wire interface voltage may be different, random plug light burning box, heavy burn hard drive.

7. How to solve the power shortage?

(1) The purchase of a good workmanship and quality assurance of the USB mobile hard drive box.

(2) Buy a low-power laptop hard drive to do the mobile.

(3) When purchasing a device with fewer USB interfaces such as laptops, consider the power supply capability of its USB interface.

(4) Mobile hard disk box preferably with auxiliary power supply line, a good mobile hard disk box will provide Transformers, the general Mobile hard disk box also has a separate PS2 or USB power supply line, must plug in when the power supply is insufficient, even if the USB interface power enough to drive the hard drive, if not a short time to work, it is recommended to plug in, The power of the USB interface is always relatively reluctant.

8, how to make the mobile hard disk faster?

Copy large files are certainly more efficient than small pieces of smaller files, too small files recommended can be packaged with WinRAR (compression mode with "storage") and then copy.

9. What is the emphasis on mobile hard disk with 1394 interface?

(1) Power supply: The machine comes with a 6-pin 1394-port rated current of 1 A, which is enough to drive all mobile hard drives, even desktop hard drives. The 4-pin port is not powered and must be powered separately from the mobile drive. The 1394 interface that the laptop PC is connected to does not power, and it must provide additional power to the PC Card or the removable hard drive.

(2) 1394 interface to TI dual chip for the best; Ricoh is also very good, but rarely appear in the retail card, IBM x series on board is often Ricoh, Ali can also, via is relatively more general (Desktop Board on board the most for this), but relatively work far more important than the chip.

(3) The General Mobile hard disk box 1394 mostly uses Oxford911 bridge chip, has not seen the shrinking chip at present. Oxford922 is a more excellent IC integration chip, single chip usb2.0/1394 dual interface, now has some high-end 3.5-inch mobile hard disk box use, 2.5-inch mobile HDD box has not seen. PL-3507 is a Taiwan IC design company's products, the same single-core dual interface, performance is not very well known.

(4) The biggest advantage of the 1394 interface is the low CPU occupancy.

10. Properly protect the mobile hard drive. Do not beat, take care of the light, pay attention to temperature, do not overheat, dry and waterproof, first pull back.

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