How to use the LuManager CDN module to create CDN for website acceleration

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Today, our website project targets a wide range of user groups, including domestic and foreign customer groups. Especially among domestic user groups, we also have different line differences such as China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom. Generally, the virtual host and VPS server we purchased have only one IP address. No seller can ensure the stability and speed of the 100% line, if the seller tells you when buying a host, it is a lie to ensure stability.

In view of this, when we build a website, we will consider using CDN acceleration, which is free and paid. Whether it is free or paid, the principle is similar, users in the visitor region can access the node through multiple nodes to increase the access speed. There are also many articles on domestic and foreign free CDN services in the old Jiang tribe, including Baidu cloud acceleration, website guard, jiasule, and so on.

Free of charge has the advantages, of course, we have the strength to choose the paid service, some netizens want to build an independent CDN server through their own VPS, servers, in this way, nodes and IP addresses are provided by the user, which is controllable. In the previously shared LuManager panel installation article, this panel comes with a CDN module. We can use this panel to create a CDN server.

1. Prepare LuManager panel self-built CDN

Therefore, we must use the LuManager panel to install the CDN server in the current VPS and server. We can refer to the article "LuManager domestic free VPS management panel" to install the LuManager panel.

After the panel is installed, and simple account security needs to be set up, such as the default password, database address, and default interface port need to be hidden to ensure the security of the CDN server environment.

2. Add a site to set CDN service parameters

We need to add a site as shown in the preceding figure. Click the following options to select CDN parameter settings.

Select "CDN website acceleration", enter the URL and IP address of the source website to be accelerated as required in the text box, and enter the URL in the format.

Select "enable CDN normal cache" as needed. By default, the supported static file cache types include:
The code is as follows: Copy code
Html | htm | shtml | shtm | gif | jpg | jpeg | png | bmp | swf | js | css | mp3 | mav | doc | dot | xls | pdf | txt | zip | rar | gz | tgz | bz2 | tgz | rm | rmvb | ico
We do not need to fill in, the default is OK.

3. Set CDN resolution to start the acceleration service

After setting, we can resolve the IP address of the CDN server on our domain name resolution panel. Here, Lao Jiang still uses the DNSPOD third-party DNS service, and then A records can be resolved to the IP address of the CDN server.

Of course, we can also add the line type of the search engine to point to the real IP address, which can play the role of real IP address search index. Wait until it takes effect. We can PING the test to see that the website access IP Address Resolution address is the IP address of our CDN server, not the actual website IP address.
In the same way, if our real server is located in the United States, we can use the Asian CDN server to set up it, which can play a role in acceleration. Or in the DNS settings, you can use CDN nodes based on different regions (cloudxns dns is acceptable.

IV. Summary of self-built CDN

From a functional perspective, you can use the LuManager panel to set up a CDN server, but the actual operation is troublesome. For example, if the IP address is small, the distributed acceleration function of all nodes and lines is not available. Lao Jiang personally suggested that you use a third-party service or pay for it. After all, people are relatively professional. It is not necessary to purchase VPS and servers independently.

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