How to use the ping command to determine network failures

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In fact, the computer can not access the Internet can be divided into the following reasons, the system's IP settings, network cards, modems and line failures. Troubleshooting hardware and wiring problems, we can use the ping command to quickly detect network conditions.

Step one: First of all, we click on the system in the beginning of the operation, in the Run bar to enter CMD command, the operating system of the DOS window will pop up, where we can intuitive and easy to enter a variety of DOS commands.

Step Two: Then, we can enter the dos in the ping, the address is a local circular address, if found this address can not ping, it indicates that the local machine TCP/IP protocol does not work properly.

Step three: If the above operation is successful, can ping, we can then enter Ipconfig to view the local IP address, and then ping the IP (, the general rule indicates that the network adapter (NIC or modem) working properly, The general rule is that there is a network adapter failure.

Step four: Then ping a computer with the same network segment IP, the general rule indicates that the network line has a fault, if the network also contains a router, you should ping the router in the network segment IP, not general rule This section of the line has problems; general and Ping the port IP of the router on the network segment where the destination computer is located, The general rule is to ping the destination IP address without the routing fault.

Step five: Finally, a network with DNS services is detected, after the IP address of the target computer that was ping in the previous step, you still cannot connect to the machine, you can ping the network name of the machine, and the IP that the URL points to will normally appear, indicating that the DNS settings for this computer are correct and that the DNS server is working properly. Conversely, it is possible that one of them has failed, as well as ping computer names to detect WINS resolution failures (WINS is a service that resolves computer names to IP addresses).

When the above five steps are completed, we can easily determine the end of a link in the network failure, the reset settings, the change of hardware hardware. In addition, if you want to detect network connectivity, we can also add-t after the Ping's address, so that you can continuously ping the connection, can reflect the network connectivity is interrupted or lost packet phenomenon. In addition to the ping command, there are now many small software, it can detect the network connectivity, but also detect the bandwidth of the broadband line.

  Attention matters

When you enter a DOS command, pay attention to the space;

After entering the DOS command, enter to indicate execution;

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