How to use tools to modify the font of the WIN8 system

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Since it's not possible to manually modify fonts in the system as usual, we need a tool, Mactype (download) is a good software that can play a role here. So we're going to introduce the use of mactype here.

When installing Mactype, there is not much to be aware of, that is, when choosing a type, we recommend that the general requirements of the user select "Typical" is fully enough, followed by waiting for the installation to complete. This software installation does not need to choose the installation path, so also save a lot of trouble.

Select "Typical" to

After the installation is complete, run the software, first into the "User Wizard", where we can see multiple loading modes to choose from. Registry clips can achieve the most seamless experience, but deactivate and enable the need to restart the computer; Service load system unification works best, but deactivation and enablement is required through Windows Service Manager; Pallet loading is more common and can be enabled, deactivated, and modified at any time on the system tray.

Choose how to load

Finally, there is a "do not use automatic loading" option, which can manually drag a separate program into the Mactype, through "process management" can be enabled and deactivated.

Process Management

After this step is done is to select the font, selected after the "Finish" is done.

Select font Effect

Of course, if we choose to load the pallet, right-click on the tray icon to change the font at any time, or deactivate the software to restore the font.

Tray mode modify configuration at any time

The above is a way to modify the font Win8, of course, if you can find other tools can also be used, and although we can modify the registry to modify the method, but this method is complex and prone to bugs, so we recommend the use of off-the-shelf tools.

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