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As the computer configuration continues to improve, most of us have entered the era of computer performance surplus, but the computer configuration performance is not a bad thing, we can create a virtual machine in the computer to achieve a computer two people, we only need to buy more than one monitor. Very suitable for family friends use, no longer there will be two of people rob the computer situation, hehe.

Virtual machine is nothing new, we can search for such as VPS in Baidu is to find a lot of VPS servers are using virtual technology, that is, a server through the creation of virtual machines to achieve multiple independent management unit, each snap-in has a similar function of a complete computer, Can independently install their own operating system, their own operation, and can be the respective boot and shutdown and so on.

The following article editor will share with you how to create a virtual machine in the computer to achieve a host free of two independent platforms. Let's start with a brief description of what a virtual machine is, and then introduce the virtual machine installation and use tutorial.

⒈) What is a virtual machine

A virtual machine is a complete computer system that is run in a completely isolated environment through software simulation with full hardware function. The current popular virtual machine software has vmware (VMware ACE), virtual box and the virtual PC, which can be virtualized on a Windows system with multiple computers.

⒉) Virtual Machine installation Tutorial

Since the virtual machine is to assign a computer to a number of systems with complete computer performance, all the later independent systems are sharing the hardware resources of the computer, so the creation of virtual machines recommended that the computer configuration as much as possible, otherwise it may affect the performance of each virtual machine later. The current creation of virtual software is mainly VMware virtual machines, virtual box, and fictitious PC VM, including VMware virtual machine is the most popular virtual machine software, the software is not only stable, and support for the specified virtual machine partition such as CPU, memory, and the hard disk partition specifies the resource proportions that can effectively prevent a virtual machine from being under-resourced and consuming other virtual machine resources.

Here we take the most popular VMware virtual machine software as an example to teach you how to install virtual machines.

First, we normally enter the computer system, and then go online to download vmware virtual machine software

We recommend that you download Chinese version of the VMware virtual machine, so that easy to use, software download completed, the next is the VMware virtual machine software installed.

II: VMware Virtual Machine Installation Tutorial

Double-click on the download of a good VMware virtual machine software to start installation, first we see the VMware Virtual Machine Installation Wizard, the following figure, directly below the diagram, you can install the diagram operation.

VMware Virtual Machine Setup Wizard

VMware Virtual machine Installation selection compatibility

Create a new virtual machine and fill in the name of the virtual machine and install location

Assigning processor resources to virtual machines

Assigning processor resources to virtual machines everyone can consider allocating resources according to the actual situation of computer Configuration and virtual application.

Allocating memory resources to virtual machines

Description: The hardware compatible version here is 6.5-7.x, although the current version is 8.0, but the author is still using the old version, because the older version of the relative compatibility should be better. Set up the configuration of the host, because the above demo of the computer is a set of dual-core 1G configuration of the old computer, so in the processor and memory resource allocation is used in half, we can according to the computer configuration of the actual situation and need to create the number of virtual machines to reasonably allocate resources.

Virtual machine created here basically can say has been completed half, the above installation is relatively very simple, we only need to refer to the above settings, the next step can be completed, the following we will introduce the next content.

Select the network type for the virtual machine-Select the second item

Next step in: Creating a Virtual Disk

Next set up to create multiple storage capacity for virtual disks

Since creating a virtual machine is quite a stand-alone computer, so here we can according to the size of the computer hard disk capacity to allocate disk space for virtual machines, due to the author of the computer hard disk 500G, here we create a virtual machine to allocate 80G hard disk, so big should be enough, pay attention to disk space can not allocate too small, Because waiting for the virtual machine inside also need to install an independent operating system and installation software.

Completing the creation of a virtual machine

When the virtual machine is created, we assign a separate zone to the host, but only the standalone zone is created. Here we will introduce how to use the virtual machine, but also very simple, we only need to install the operating system in the virtual machine can be used, Let's go into the details below.

Three: How to use the virtual machine?

To put it bluntly, creating a virtual machine is like a computer we just assembled, to be able to use and, of course, install the operating system, where the operating system is free to choose which systems to install, and the original computer operating system, Windows 7 or Windows XP system to choose randomly, Due to the time relationship, the author chooses the installation time of Ghost Windows XP system for example.

After the virtual machine is installed, we will go to the following image interface:

Create a good virtual machine interface

The installation of the operating system we can use the virtual machine CD-ROM boot or mirror files, most of the time we will choose to install the image file, which is similar to our computer installation system, this is not introduced here, we choose the image file installation. As shown above, we start the virtual machine first, then click on the right side to open the CD-ROM virtual drive, and then locate the XP system image file, and then start installing the system, the following figure:

Select System image file to start installation system

Then the installation system and our computer installation system is the same, first of the virtual disk space format, of course, you can not format. After the installation system method and our normal computer installation method is the same, here is not repeated, the following we directly above:

Virtual machine Windows XP system installation

Virtual machine Windows XP System installation Complete

The installation of the virtual machine and the installation of the operating system are all over here. We can then experience the same virtual machine function as a stand-alone computer, with a separate desktop, independent data storage space, can be in the virtual machine system inside QQ, play games and so on, anyway, and ordinary computer is no difference, Just the configuration is provided by the machine resources, if the allocation of resources too little may be a bit card, but for the current configuration are very high computer, virtual machine configuration is also relatively high, so it is also smooth operation of various applications, if it is the use of family friends, we can speak a host to connect 2 monitors, 2 mouse and so on to achieve a computer two people use, one person using the original computer, another person into the virtual machine running various applications, non-interference.

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