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The general computer notebook selected wireless mouse comparison, but we recommend that gamers choose the best or wired to play better.

The use of wireless mouse is very simple, not like some novice friends think, to set what what, today's wireless mouse how to use? How do you want to set it? Questions to simply tell.

The wireless mouse generally has two parts, one is receives the transceiver, one is the wireless mouse, the transceiver (generally plug in the USB interface), and open, the mouse will normally be equipped with a pair of rechargeable batteries, (just bought back when there is no electricity, to be filled with the first to use) on the battery to open the mouse switch can find the mouse, It can be used. In fact, editors think that a novice friend to read the instructions is better than anything.

The following detailed steps, a simple few steps on the OK, the following combination of pictures with you see it.

One: First will buy the wireless mouse box open, which generally has two parts, one is the mouse, one is the receiver (the equivalent of Bluetooth) outside the following:

Second: The receiver will be inserted into the computer USB interface, the battery into the mouse (note that the positive and negative can not be reversed) this will be installed in reverse, the battery installed, the mouse power switch open

Three: Turn on the computer can use wireless mouse, is not super simple?

  A few things to note when using a wireless mouse:

1. Wireless mouse is the use of batteries, recommended the use of rechargeable batteries, general computer can also be used for several months, when the mouse is not sensitive or useless when the general is no electricity, change the battery can be.

2. As far as possible mobile phones and wireless routers and so away from the wireless mouse, so as not to interfere with wireless mouse signal reception.

3. Do not use wireless mouse for a long time, please remove the battery in the mouse to avoid leakage.

In fact, the use of wireless mouse with a word completely can be said the clear how to use, about everyone cares about the wireless mouse with it? I think it is good, interested friends can try, but the best game players or with a wired mouse convenience, wireless mouse signal interference and often need to change the battery inconvenience.

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