How to view memory reserved for hardware to improve hardware performance

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Memory reserved for hardware Perhaps many people do not know how to view, but also how to release save too much memory resources, small series This article details how to view memory reserved for the Win7 64-bit flagship hardware, including how to release too much reserved memory resources!

Viewing method: Click on the shortcut key Ctrl+alt+del Open Task Manager, switch to the "performance" option--click on the "Resource Monitor" below-switch to the "memory" option.

1, press the shortcut key win+r to open the running window, enter "msconfig";

2, select the "Boot" panel, open "Advanced options";

3, to see if the "Maximum memory" option has been checked, may be due to the selection of this option, resulting in excessive memory for the hardware, remove Changan after the restart on it.

4, after the restart, according to the method described above to enter the view, the memory of the hardware reserve is reduced to 129M.

This way we can see that now the bit hardware retains only 129MB of memory, the difference is 732MB, the computer's memory corresponding speed will improve a lot. Of course, the need for the hardware to retain a certain amount of memory resources, but there is no need too much, if too many will hardware hardware performance, hurriedly check your computer hardware memory retained how much, so the speed of your computer can be improved a lot.

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