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This edition of the keynote tutorial PC6 the Apple Web to bring you how to use icloud with keynote. ICloud stores your presentations and keeps them up-to-date on IOS devices, the Web, and PCs so that you always have the latest version handy, regardless of which device you used last time you edited.

You can edit the Keynote presentation in a Web browser using ICloud Keynote beta. ICloud Keynote Beta is a Web application that allows you to create and edit Keynote presentations using a Web browser supported on your MAC or Windows pc.

The presentation you create with icloud Keynote Beta will be automatically available in Keynote on a Mac or IOS device that's set up to use icloud, and vice versa: If you create a presentation using an iOS device or Keynote on your Mac, it will Automatically via ICloud Keynote beta display on the Web.

 First, set the Keynote to use ICloud

1. Open System Preferences on your MAC, then click ICloud.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID, or request a new Apple ID and sign in.

3. Select the Documents and Data check box, and then click Options.

4. Select the Keynote check box, and then click Finish.

 Second, there are a few things to keep in mind about how to use ICloud to manage presentations on individual devices:

1. If you edit and close the presentation but are not connected to the Internet at the time, an up arrow will appear in the thumbnail image. The next time you connect to the Internet, the edited presentation will be saved to ICloud.

2. If you edit a presentation on multiple devices without saving any changes to ICloud, the edited presentation will conflict. To avoid conflicts, be sure to save your edits to ICloud before editing the same presentation on another device. If you encounter a conflict, you can choose to keep any or all of your edits in the presentation.

3. If you delete a presentation, it will be removed from ICloud and Keynote on all devices.

4. If you organize your presentation as a folder on one device, you will see the same folder structure on all your devices.

5. If you change the title of the presentation on one device, the title is changed on all devices

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