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Traditional ThinkPad series notebook main business crowd, leaving a serious, heavy stereotypes, but the 2015-year new ThinkPad X1c broke the traditional thick stereotypes, thin appearance slim fashion, and equipped with the latest five Dynasties Core i7 processor, built-in powerful new central video card. Today's small series will bring you this ThinkPad X1c disassembly diagram, through the demolition machine in-depth anatomy of this lightweight ThinkPad notebook interior design, workmanship and quality.

ThinkPad X1c can be said to be a ThinkPad change, for consumers dedicated to a subversive process of products, before dismantling the machine, we first to understand the hardware configuration of this notebook.

On the hardware side, the ThinkPad x1c 2015 (High-edition) notebook features a 14-inch 2K ultra-clear screen with an Intel Core I7-5500U processor, built-in 8GB memory and 256GB solid-state drives, and as a lightweight business book, this notebook is not equipped with a stand-alone video card, But the CPU built a good HD5500 core graphics card. Extension, it is equipped with HDMI, DJ45 conversion interface, USB3.0, high-definition camera and so on.

2015 of the ThinkPad X1c fused the first two generations of many elements of the product, is a combination of products. Its top cover is still made of carbon fiber material, ensuring safety while also taking into account the balance of the weight of the whole machine.

Like most notebooks, the ThinkPad x1c is still started from the bottom panel, using a screwdriver to remove the bottom fixing screws first, as shown in the figure.

After you remove the captive screws at the bottom, you can open the rear cover. Thin, is the ThinkPad x1c the biggest selling point, so you can see its internal structure is very compact, do not waste a trace of space.

The battery occupies more than two-thirds of the x1c inside the ThinkPad, which provides a foundation for x1c to provide extra long endurance.

The ThinkPad x1c cooling outlet is located on the left side of the fuselage, the upper-right corner shown in the figure, which transmits heat to the bottom and releases heat.

ThinkPad x1c only this layer of structure, open the ground version can be clear at a glance, so this time the dismantling should be very simple.

Battery is still the first step to disassemble the notebook, the ThinkPad x1c although the battery area is very large, but because the battery thickness is relatively thin, so his capacity is only 50Wh, which is not big, so the ThinkPad x1c notebook daily life of 4 hours or so is understandable.

The image below features a removable ThinkPad x1c battery back.

The ThinkPad x1c Notebook battery is labeled with detailed information, including work voltage, current and capacity information, and so on.

The following figure is the M.2 specification solid state HDD bit feature built into the ThinkPad x1c notebook.

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