HTC Desire (G7) vs Moto milestone vs Moto xt800 personal comparison and evaluation

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Three Android phones have been purchased in a few months. Instead of fever, the HTC Desire (G7) and the moto milestone used by a wife have been purchased, A new Moto xt800 for my dad.

Although it is used by three people, I have used it all, so I am familiar with the differences between the three machines, the comparison of various aspects is provided here for the reference of friends who hesitate to use gphone.



G7 is round, slightly thin, and the shell metal texture is good. The bottom is slightly tilted so that when the screen is horizontal, the right thumb has a focus, feel good; because the overall is relatively smooth, there is no rope hole, so we started to feel insecure in our hands. We were afraid that unexpected bumps would cause our cell phones to crash and death ......

Milestone has distinct edges and corners. The front is highly reflective, and the back is matte metal. It gives people a precise feeling. The keyboard surface looks like plastic material and can be pressed. The grip on the horizontal screen is poor, fortunately, you can draw out the keyboard so that it is very comfortable and safe to hold; there is no hanging hole.

The overall xt800 is like a pebbles section, and the thickness is equal to the other two models. The surrounding metal borders are nice, and the smooth side of the horizontal screen is just fit with the hand shape, the lifting part on the back provides a more reliable grip feeling, which is very comfortable. The back is equipped with non-skid stripes, and the anti-slip property is superior. In addition, it makes the inside of the cover of the rope hole, making people feel wide.



All the four essential Android buttons at the bottom of G7 are physical buttons, which greatly reduces the possibility of incorrect press. Milestone uses capacitive touch buttons to make it slightly less sensitive in some cases. xt800 also uses capacitive touch buttons, the difference is that the search key is moved to the top to become a physical key. The function keys of xt800 and milestone are easily mistakenly pressed, especially when taking photos.

The center at the bottom of G7 is a light trackball, which is easy to use, especially when you need to move the cursor when entering text; milestone needs to open the keyboard to find the direction key, which is not very good, and it also means it is difficult to use the direction key in the case of a portrait screen, but it is always better; xt800 has no direction keys! ~

Both of them of the moto family have photo keys, but none of them are from the ham sausage family.

The probability that the top keys of G7 and xt800 are mistakenly pressed is relatively high.



Moto is a tftscreen with insufficient color saturation. In contrast, G7 AMOLED screens are amazing, But Moto screens are 854x480 resolution screens, web browsing is slightly more advantageous than G7's 800x480.



G7 speakers are very bad. Fortunately, fellow citizens who carry ham do not usually use a type of bad ringtones on the moon. Otherwise, they will cause permanent damage to people within a radius of 10 meters; moto's mobile phone volume is larger than that of ham, but the sound quality is much better, which is amazing.

The call sound should be similar, but Moto says there is a beauty technology that can theoretically make the other party hear more clearly. The specific effect has not been specifically tested.



When milestone runs Android 2.0, it is relatively slow, and it is not smooth when sliding the desktop.ProgramSome cards are slide in the list. After the system is upgraded to 2.1, it is much easier. Even if the Dynamic Desktop is enabled, it can be smooth;

Xt800 uses the same CPU as milestone, but in the same 2.1 system, there are much more cards than milestone (presumably because milestone is a fake system by a commodity dealer and has no service provider bundling applications, therefore, the system load is relatively small, and xt800 is bound with many Telecom Tianyi applications and Moto applications tailored for the Chinese mainland.) The inconsistency in the program list is extremely high, later, launcherpro plus was installed as the main screen for great relief (I have to admire launcherpro plus, the main screen software: Compared to the built-in main screen program of andriod, launcherpro plus can provide more functions, the screen sliding and program list sliding become extremely smooth, but opening the dynamic wallpaper will still have a certain impact on smoothness. (In addition, after xt800 exits from another program and returns to the home screen, the icons on the home screen are often lost. After a while, the reconstruction starts. The experience is poor and the cause is unknown, even in launcherpro plus)

G7 has a good fluency in the 2.1 system. After upgrading to 2.2, the smoothness is impeccable. The 1 GHz CPU is not a dry meal.

Although the smoothness of these mobile phones when running the basic UI of the system is quite different, their 3D Game Performance is indeed comparable, this may be due to the fact that the cpu Of the two machines in Moto is multi-core and they have dedicated cores for 3D rendering, while for 2D games, G7 is still more smooth.


Sensors and GPS

The built-in sensors of the three mobile phones are basically the same. I feel that the gravity Sensor of milestone is a little stiff, and it is more difficult to control when jumping graffiti. There is no big difference in other mobile phones; there is no significant difference in GPS Positioning speed.


Built-in software

Let's talk about album (media library). I have been wondering about album in Android: Why is it like a mobile phone ~ They all seem to be different album programs.

Another question is, why is there no popular and useful album software in the 100,000 software in the vegetable market? I can't find a few even if I can use them ......

G7 album is simple, practical, and simple. However, relying on the powerful CPU of G7, it makes the "Pinch" Graph smooth and easy to use;

When my milestone uses the 2.0 system, the image list in the album is a stream 3D perspective effect array, and after 2.1, it becomes a simple style, the smoothness of milestone image switching and scaling is not very high;

The xt800 photo album has a very good effect, good usability, and High smoothness, but there is a fatal flaw, that is, the original image details cannot be seen during browsing, what you see is always the image after it compress intelligently. This is depressing, so I want to change the photo album software to xt800, however, the general album software supporting multi-touch is not available.

There are a lot of general software such as audio and video playback, so there is no need to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the built-in audio and video software. You just don't like to find new ones.

Dynamic wallpaper, HTC has its own theme dynamic wallpaper, color Halo with G7 AMOLED screen is really bright to drop; in addition, HTC's sense extension UI is also very good, some of the desktop gadgets that come with them are beautiful and practical, especially calendars and text messages. Weather tools are the best in the industry, and the full screen effect is amazing. No matter how you move the desktop, there is always a phone button at the bottom of the desktop, which is very convenient. After all, the main function of a mobile phone is the phone. For example, a moto phone can only start dialing through a small icon on the desktop, or you can use launcherpro plus. G7 contacts have enhanced functions and are easier to use than Moto models. G7 and xt800 dialing programs support real-time contact retrieval. The search conditions are not only based on numbers, you can also retrieve the contact name in pinyin.

The built-in business card recognition program of xt800 is very Bt. I drew an irregular business card with the title of XXX secretary-general and XXXXX honor xx, after the photo recognition, the program not only identifies all the surface text, but also perfectly classifies all kinds of information into different contact attributes without any deviation, as mentioned above, the title is listed as an attribute. It is amazing to fill in all the other attributes such as the organization name, address, phone number, and mobile phone number correctly.

In contrast, the recognition level of another xt800 photo OCR software is almost meaningless.ArticleThere are many incorrect characters. Fortunately, most of them are highlighted in red. It seems that it is quite convenient to translate the OCR text into a specified language through the Google translation service, however, I did not thoroughly test the results.

Milestone couldn't find the radio, and the other two both had an xt800 that could even enable sound reception without headphones, but the test didn't bring up one ......

Xt800 has been castrated out of the vegetable market, Gmail, and Gtalk. You need to install the GMS service package on your own, which is a little troublesome. But in order to synchronize contacts and calendars with Google, you have to endure.

However, it may not be all good if there are more built-in things. G7's available Rom space is poor if it is bought by itself, and the factory is not working. even a small part of the software in 2.2 can app2sd, my G7 Rom space is still very tight. The space of the other two is relatively more plentiful.



All three are 5 million pixels of lenses with LED flash, and the photo effect is not significantly different;

In terms of video shooting, G7 can take a 2.2 p video at, but the video is sometimes stuck a few times. This is not a problem of playing the video. If it is sent to a computer, it will also become stuck, it indicates that there is a problem with recording. xt800 itself supports P camera, but its card is more serious, and it is stuck in a mess during playback, the core that is responsible for video decoding in the multi-core CPU claimed by xt800 does not know what to do. There is no big problem for the three to take a p video.



As we all know, G7 and milestone support the old Master Card, but they can only use China Unicom's 3 GB. The unique advantage of the xt800 is that it supports dual-card dual-waiting, and can be used with the old Master Card + China Telecom Tianyi 3G, my dad chose this item because he was unwilling to change the number of 139 in the past. Otherwise, it would be more cost-effective for milestone or xt701, or wait for milestone2.



Xt800 has an HDMI output interface, but I haven't tried it yet. However, the trailer that comes with the built-in player is stuck in Jin Yiwei's trailer. I don't think I should get it on TV; other interfaces are standard.



G7 AMOLED screens are relatively powered, so their endurance is slightly poor;

In fact, the endurance of these three models is not very good. I was in a hurry when I was happy for a few hours. So I bought an emergency charger for gaoqi, in this way, we can almost survive the day:



G7 multi-point touch positioning is out of order, which is especially evident when playing the simulator. It is common for the system to press the blind button. If you do not have the Save load algorithm, do not want to pass the Customs ~ Fortunately, after the 2.2 update, this phenomenon has been effectively improved, and the touch accuracy is acceptable.

Although the xt800 is a customized device of China Telecom, it is often displayed that no service is available for the cnetwork when it is started. The solution is to restart, continue to restart, and then restart. According to a user's estimation, there is a 70% chance that the service will not be available at startup. It is said that the solution is to go to the business office to change the international card of K. I haven't changed it yet. I'll try it tomorrow.



Let's take a look at the price at the end. G7 started with 3680. It is licensed in Hong Kong, the original system, standard, and spent another 120 yuan to buy a TF card for class4, which is counted as 3800 yuan in total;

Starting with milestone, the price is 2800. It is standard and has 8 GB built-in class2 card;

The xt800 was bought by Beijing Telecom for 4280 yuan. The Accessories include 8 GB cards, HDMI cables, USB cables, Chargers, domestic landlines, leather covers, and dual-batteries, and 4280 calls are sent, in fact, they are returned on a monthly basis, and they only return 40% of the monthly consumption of the previous month. The time limit is three years. It doesn't matter if it is not returned after three years. I will roughly calculate it, if we spend 149 yuan a month, we can save more than 2000 yuan in three years, which is also worth it, and the price of 4280 is not too expensive, compared with the currently well-known B2C online shopping, the lowest price is 3899 yuan, which is not much expensive. Besides, Telecom also provides a battery.


Personal analysis of current market conditions

Let's talk about the analysis of other gphone models in the same file. Because I have made a lot of research at the time of purchase, I also have some experiences. Here I will tell you:

Sony Ericsson x10i: the exterior is elegant, the system UI is quite beautiful, the CPU is high, the screen is large, the camera is even more than 8.1 million pixels, the commodity price is not expensive, however, the failure was due to the failure of the 1.6 system, and it is said that the operation was slow, so I did not choose this one that I liked for a long time.

Samsung i9000: I don't know much about this model, but from the perspective of parameters and evaluation, this model is worth starting. Its 3D performance is better than the three models in my hand.

Lenovo phone (3gw100, maybe I will still take it into consideration. However, after reading the complaints from the 315ts gateway against the surging traffic of lefeng, I strengthened my original belief that Lenovo would never think about it.

Motorola xt701: There is no keyboard milestone, the appearance is acceptable, the licensed price is not expensive, it is worth considering.

HTC G1, G2, G3, G4, G6, G8, and G9: one reason to kill the Ticket: the resolution is too low.

Meizu M9: not listed yet, with outstanding cost performance. Coupled with the word of mouth from the past, it is worth looking forward to. The biggest suspense should be: can the changed system enjoy good compatibility and upgrade support?

Google Nexus One (G5): similar to the G7 configuration, the G7 design is slightly inferior to the later one, but the price is much higher than the later one. You may not have to buy it yet. You should make a collection.

Motorola a1680, however, it is said that the resolution is not as high as the nominal, And the UI is similar to the previous Ming series in order to restore the original simplicity, greatly reducing the ease of use, coupled with amazing resistance screen, this phone can be totally ignored.

Motorola xt806 (Qilin): it is the extension of the Ming series. The high-end price comes from the strange and unnecessary dual-screen design. The only difference is that the internal screen is the resistance screen. The external screen is indeed a capacitive screen, which makes people crazy, the official Government believes that the resistance screen helps old customers to continue their previous usage habits, but old customers do not want to keep up with the times to experience new ways of human-computer interaction? When everyone is pinching on the screen of a mobile phone, why are they still struggling to draw on the screen?

All other ophone mobile phones are directly ignored. First, TD's supervisor 3G is uncomfortable. Second, no one cares about ophone's software compatibility and future upgrade assurance.

The details of Li Kaifu's dim sum system are not very clear yet, but they do not feel very reliable. The so-called new features announced at present are just the integration of several simple applications, is it necessary to declare a new system as an unconventional one? In this way, the upgrade and compatibility issues are not at ease.

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