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hyperic HQ

Hyperic HQ is an open source IT management framework that allows users to use a unified interface to manage different it technologies.

Development language: Java, JavaScript License Agreement: GNU General public License (GPL)

SpringSourceHyperic is now part of SpringSource

SpringSource acquires Hyperic to unify Developer to Datacenter application-lifecycle and Grails Run: Enterprise version of the Apache Tomcat manage:hyperic hyperic HQ Introduction

In July 2006, Hyperic recently launched its own management software, hoping to challenge HP and other big companies with Low-cost and open source business models.

Hyperic will open the source code for its Hyperic HQ and put it on the Web site to provide downloads in exchange for users and developers to develop patches and products.

Like HP, CA and IBM's management software, Hyperic HQ is used to monitor corporate network conditions and return events to administrators. Such software uses "agents" placed on servers or network hardware to monitor system failures and collect performance information.

Hyperic HQ was issued Hyperic HQ through the Common Public Authority (LICENSE,GPL). The company uses a corporate subscription system that plans to provide business-related functionality and support services for basic products to capture revenue, Hyperic president and founder Javier Soltero.

"This is a destructive (disruption) strategy to change the ecology of the industry with open source technology and pricing," he said. The company wants to offer a more powerful alternative to open source management software than a "framework" for business management.

The main management software providers include HP, CA, IBM and BMC Software. Open source management software includes OPENNMS and Nagios, which is sold by groundwork Open source. Fiveruns is testing the escrow monitoring service to provide a cheaper, simpler management product.

Hyperic HQ's corporate subscription fee is $780 per pipe machine per year (news Source: CNET Science and Technology Information Network) Hyperic HQ function

Hyperic HQ can monitor and manage: Operating system: AIX, Hp/ux, Linux, Solaris, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD Web server: Apache, Microsoft IIS, Sun one web Server application servers: BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Apache Geronimo, Macromedia ColdFusion, Macromedia JRun, Microsoft. NET Runtime, Novell Silverstream, Tomcat, Caucho Resin database: IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase Adaptive Server message Middleware: activemq,weblogic MQ Microsoft products: MS exchange,ms activedirectory,.net Virtual Products: VMWare, Citrix MetaFrame application Platform  : LAMP, Lam-j, Java EE, mx4j Other technology network equipment switches, routers and so on. hyperic HQ Architecture

With many management platforms, the center is a HQ server it accepts data from agents that are installed on each server, processes them according to user requirements, and provides a HQ Portal on the front end for users to access through the web and graphically.   Of course it also provides a rich API for you to expand, query, control, and so on. Server Architecture Agent Architecture Installation Guide hyperic HQ 4.6

1. Download the open source version of Hyperic HQ 4.6 (hyperic-hq-installer-4.6-win32.zip), download the following address:


2. Installation
(1) Decompression Hyperic-hq-installer-4.6-win32.zip
(2) Perform HQ to extract the Setup.bat files in the directory and start installing the HQ Server and HQ Agent. "Choose whether to install the HQ server or the HQ Agent": Here we have two selected to install, so enter 1, 2. "Select HQ Server installation directory": Place the installation directory in the Hyperic directory in D disk and enter D:\hyperic at the command line. "Mail server Address": By default, you can simply hit enter, which will be modified in the configuration file when you use it after installation. "Encryption string for database password": You can enter 11111111 by the way. "Admin Console Administrator Account": Username by default (hqadmin), password entered hqadmin, the total to enter two times. "Administrator's mailbox Address": Enter a carriage return and select default. "HQ Agent installation directory": Enter a carriage return and select the same directory as the HQ server.
3. Start "Start HQ Server"
(1) Access to C:\hyperic\server-4.6\bin directory via cmd
(2) "Registration Service": Typing hq-server.bat install at the command line
(3) "Start service" typing hq-server.bat start command to start HQ server

"Start the HQ Agent"
(1) Access to C:\hyperic\agent-4.6\bin directory via cmd
(2) "Registration Service": Typing hq-agent.bat install at the command line
(3) "Start service": Typing hq-agent.bat start command to start the HQ agent

4. Stop "Stop HQ Server" (
1 through cmd into the C:\hyperic\server-4.6\bin directory
(2) Typing hq-server.bat stop at the command line
"Stop HQ Agent"
(1) Access to C:\hyperic\agent-4.6\bin directory via cmd
(2) Typing hq-agent.bat stop at the command line

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HQ use Apache Tapestry for UI- RELATED LINKS http://www.hyperic.com/http://sourceforge.net/projects/hyperic-hq http:// DOCS.HUIHOO.COM/HYPERIC-HQ Http://download.huihoo.com/hyperic-hq/Huihoo Debian Enterprise Guide using open source management platform to manage WebLogic http://dev2dev.bea.com.cn/techdoc/20060816867.html Some information: HTTP://WWW.INNOVATEDIGITAL.COM/HYPERIC-HQ

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