I-cut layout v14.0-ISO 1cd packaging design new generation layout design editor

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I-cut layout v14.0-ISO 1cd packaging design new generation layout design editor
Esko Suite 14 is based on the accumulation of Esko's many years of expertise in packaging trial production and the breakthrough development of features, which is inseparable from our continuous investment in innovation. In addition, its development also absorbed feedback from brand owners, packaging manufacturers and industry thought leaders.

"In the development process of Suite 14, Esko concentrated a variety of resources to meet the key trends of the following five packaging trials:

Workflow automation is becoming increasingly important
Use smart templates to handle packaging fluctuations
Quality is the most important driving factor
Task-centered Software User Interface Promotes Efficiency Improvement
Supply Chain Integration and data sharing through cloud applications.

Esko Suite 14 brings together a series of solutions to provide all Parties in the packaging trial supply chain with the resources needed to succeed in this ever-changing market. We believe that Esko software packages are the most comprehensive and professional software set available in today's packaging production industry.

High efficiency, high productivity, and easy to use: Suite 14 is worth the money

Esko Suite 14 includes numerous ground-breaking improvements and enhancements to meet key trends in the packaging trial market. Each element is optimized to better meet the needs of the entire supply chain. Details of the enhanced Suite 14 module are as follows.
Webcenter: focus on supply chain connectivity

Enhanced connectivity can speed up turnover and reduce errors. Webcenter 14 is now a 64-bit application and its Viewer supports HTML 5, which can be easily integrated with third-party solutions.
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The connectivity between Esko products is also enhanced through webcenter 14. Seamless data transmission between webcenter and packaging editing programs (such as artioscad and Adobe Illustrator) ensures better use of central managed resources and information.

Webcenter servers can now interact with each other, further promoting the integration of the entire supply chain. Initiating tasks or sharing resources between multiple webcenter servers further increases the automation of workflows. This makes it easier to achieve real supply chain integration and achieve extremely high efficiency and real-time communication among all participants in the packaging and trial supply chain.

Automated engine: Reduces the time and effort invested in the packaging trial process

Suite 14 provides a broader and more sustainable integration framework that standardizes the integration of third-party solutions with Esko components, not just XML and JDF. With this connect software package, you can further reduce manual work in the packaging trial process to promote end-to-end automation. Connect can be easily integrated with a wide range of third-party solutions, such as MIS, shipping systems, popular network applications such as Google Maps, or other website portals or cloud-based solutions.

In addition, a series of new color tasks are integrated into the automation engine. This ensures color consistency through automatic color management. The automation engine can now use equinox feature files to automatically convert brand colors to fixed ink settings, reducing the demand for special colors, improving the printing productivity and quality, while reducing the total amount of ink.
Artioscad: more ideas and fewer clicks

With the updated artioscad editing program, you can use more time for creation and reduce the click operation. With the new BOM feature, you can create more accurate BOM with less time required. This feature can be directly enabled in artioscad. Other enhancements increase the productivity of the designer when preparing the production design scheme and increase the die-Pressing Efficiency.

When folding corrugated paper and paperboard, Suite 14 can also provide artioscad users with more realistic 3D visualization effects, demonstrating the design gives customers more realistic expectations.

This artioscad update also improves the accuracy and productivity of the mold maker. This includes the option to click fill with Concave lines or paths, and configurable options that enable various output devices to shorten the time taken from design to production. The enhancement of the tool for mold-plate bolt hole installation allows you to select the installation hole more quickly and efficiently, thus optimizing the die pressing efficiency.
3D visualization: 360-degree inspection and packaging

3D tools are becoming more and more important in the packaging design and trial process, helping to ensure that the final product meets the needs of all stakeholders as soon as possible in the process. Esko Suite 14 provides multiple enhancements to 3D functions.

Visualizer effects in Illustrator: Suite 14 allows studio designer users to go beyond normal 3D views and add special effects and modify details when creating packaged images in Illustrator. This optimized solution helps increase the speed of the design and review processes and allows you to make more creative decisions.
Store visualizer: Esko store visualizer developed in collaboration with vtales graphics allows users to place virtual objects in shooting scenarios so that they can design their own in-store display results, to determine what is different from competing products. The integrated and innovative level of detail system improves the rendering speed of in-store views. It is particularly effective for environments that are flooded with a large number of 3D models. Suite 14 comes with three pre-built ultra-realistic environments that help you quickly and conveniently understand how your 3D Products look in the in-store environment.
Studio: two new and one enhanced fuse bag types are available in Suite 14, including the Popular Quattro sealing bag. In addition, the new version of studio includes the augmented reality viewer for mobile devices. It can be used to share and view 3D packaging designs and is an ideal method for fast comparison and decision-making.
Chili publish integration: cloud-based packaging editing.

Esko partnered with chili publish to launch the world's first browser embedded editor for packaging design. With this solution, art creators can enable anyone in the supply chain (for example, brand managers of global brands) to modify the packaging content within the defined limits. This allows the brand owner to control their own packaging content, avoid errors and ultimately lead to product recalls, while ensuring that the brand integrity and design intent are protected throughout the process.

Visual Inspection System: visible

In Suite 14, this module can communicate key parameters digitally to automatically set the visual inspection system, saving the setup time and saving 3-5 minutes for each task. This is especially important for digital printing environments with small batches and large job volumes. For these operations, the total time saved every day can reach two hours or more. In addition, the digital link with the inspection system is the only way to check variable data in the packaging production process.
Artpro +: Excellent Quality Control

Artpro + in Suite 14 is a new application that acts as a quality control tool for your art and preprinted files. Artpro + is a free product provided by artpro 14 and packedge 14, which can be run on Mac and Windows systems. Artpro + uses an innovative interface and the latest 64-bit architecture for future workflow.
Imaging engine: appe3 for CTP

Esko's imaging engine 14 is now based on Adobe's PDF printing engine (appe3) platform, leading users into the next generation of CTP production. Reducing the need for operator intervention in the plate-making process, higher consistency, fewer errors, and no Repeated input of data are only one of Esko Suite 14's advantages of updating the imaging engine.
Flexproof: proofing is in proof!

The new task-driven wizard user interface can significantly simplify the process of fine-tuning and optimizing the configuration file of the proofing device, so as to achieve the highest accuracy. With flexproof, you can quickly achieve the expected Color accuracy while saving the operator time.
I-cut layout +: New Generation layout design editor

Suite 14 brings a new generation of layout design editors to accelerate production. I-cut layout + is a simple task-oriented user interface that can significantly shorten the learning process. It is compatible with Mac and windows and is extremely flexible.

Now the I-cut layout + ordering method is more flexible. Users can better control software costs, reduce risks, and achieve Load Balancing across regions and during peak hours. From the perspective of availability, from purchasing software ownership to purchasing the right to use, the adoption of the "pre-paid" Saas model is becoming increasingly popular. The subscription pack and preflight now allow subscription-based SaaS models.
Unlimited success with Suite 14

Esko will officially launch Suite 14 in July 2014. Customers with maintenance contracts will be able to obtain the software as agreed. Esko's customer service organizations all over the world have fully prepared for the installation, support and training of new software versions to ensure smooth transition and operational continuity.

"At Esko, we have close contact with customers and industry thought leaders," said Bernard Zwaenepoel, senior vice president of software business. "We are aware that there are many challenges in the field of packaging trial production. After efforts, we will integrate as many solutions to these challenges as possible in this release. This is why Esko is proud of Suite 14. Through extensive trials and tests at the customer's site, we understand the impact it will have on improvements in all aspects of the process. The most important thing is how it can promote further customer success ."

I-cut layout v14.0-ISO 1cd packaging design new generation layout design editor

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