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I dare not say it is a professional player, but I believe that the age is not small in this forum, and the time for playing games is not short. From the very beginning of the Yali age, SEGA to FC, Nintendo came to PC after arriving at SS/PS, and online games I can be said to be a super ashes player of the game. Recently I have never played many games, but I have been playing single-host games, however, I have heard of the tower of everlasting life in my ears recently. It seems that even if I don't play the tower of everlasting life, I feel like a game. I practiced a trumpet yesterday, and I 've been playing a new role. I didn't expect to feel deeply, this post is specially used for venting.
Although the game artist surprised me a little, the game's settings and connotation are indeed shameless and boring. From the perspective of the interface, it is simply a replica of World of Warcraft, the design of the task, including the design of the task, all directly references the World of Warcraft mode. At most, it is just a change of icon. This is also the case. To blame, The World of Warcraft has set a benchmark, even if you follow the same model, many preset perspectives in the game reveal that the development of this game must be in the free game mode, in order to seek the same status as World of Warcraft, Shanda specially transformed the game into a point card system. I bet players with such settings will have a big problem in the future, the consumption of point cards is definitely more fierce than that of wow. The problems left over from the free system will gradually become obstacles. There are too many problems involved here. I believe that more problems will be exposed in the future, at the same time, the core of the most critical game is that I have read the background of the whole story, but it's a mess. What's the magic, I really don't understand this background. The Spam game has been sought after by countless people. I really don't know why. Isn't it possible for players to play games only on pictures? Are game content and world outlook NEGLIGIBLE? From the beginning, I dared to say that I had predicted what I would do later. It was nothing more than a brilliant match on the PK. The scene was a big one, and I did not feel any fun, this morning, I also saw a gamer scream on the Forum. There was also a live animation in the game. Even more, I collapsed. The single-host game 20 years ago had learned how to use live animation to render the game, at this time, some online games were used by Korean people. We bullied Chinese people and never played stand-alone games ??
Speaking of this, I must say a few words to Chinese games. I think players should support Chinese games more. Although there is a gap between us and Korean games, I also acknowledge this, I also admire South Koreans. They give priority to purchasing State goods no matter what they buy, and some non-State goods do not buy, it seems that we are too difficult to do this. However, I believe that as long as we work hard to make Chinese products, I believe there will be a day of cool! At present, our Chinese games are not completely desolate. I have observed several Chinese games and recommended them to you.
To avoid the suspicion of a gunman, I will not add a link to the official website.
1. Legend of the ghost, the perfect product is now in Public Beta. The picture quality of this game is also superb and very delicate, but it is a pity that the game is a little faulty and the level differentiation is a little serious, however, it is worthwhile to make some improvements.
2 Cheng jizhan: it can be said that the screen of a game (Laugh) with tianlong Babu is still in harmony. During the test, I did not finish many games, and the feedback from my friends also said OK, you can also pay attention to the fact that the game is now on the inner side. The specific date is unknown. Please refer to the following link for details.
3. I don't know if you know about this game. It seems to be a bit obscure. It's a combat game of the online combat network. It's quite good. Under the overall production level of domestic games, it is not easy to make a fight like this. From setting to creating a career balance, the screen is still OK. I felt pretty good when I played a few games during the test, whether it's a casual game or a game that wants to vent its breath, it's the first choice. However, the last test was very short. This time I will test it on the 25 th and I will try it again, please do better. Don't disappoint us all.
I personally recommended the above three games, but I may only pay attention to them by myself, and everyone will have their own views. However, as long as the suggestions made in China are supported, I didn't mean that the tower of everlasting will not be able to play. After testing, I just thought that the game was a bit of a fake name. It was just a little cool, and it was like something amazing, I can't really get used to shooting him. I feel that this game is actually a Korean kimchi with better picture quality and advanced technology.
As for a lot of people playing the everlasting tower, I also know that it doesn't matter if I get scolded or bricks. In a word, my country is very strong now, and the game cannot lose face!

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