I think outsourcing development to Japan is good.

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On the forum, we found that there is already a rule, that is, as long as someone says that they are outsourced to Japan, or asks if they are outsourcing to Japan or have a future, there will be a large buzz immediately, some people simply swear. I have been outsourcing Japan for more than two years and want to say a few words.

First of all, let's go home and talk about the TV sets, refrigerators, and other things in our house. In addition, software outsourcing to Japan is an export industry, just as we export textiles to Japan. We are earning Japanese money and increasing foreign currency for the country. I can't say any legitimate reasons. I have to say that all my relationships with Japan are spam. I should also look at myself and say that I am not funny.

Whether outsourcing to Japan is good or not can begin with two points of development for the Chinese software industry and individuals. First of all, for China's software industry, outsourcing to Japan is very conducive to the development of China's software industry. Some people may disagree, saying that Japanese outsourcing has no technical content. In fact, this is closely related to the high degree of Software Engineering in Japan. In software development in Japan, the process is very important and the quality is very important. Therefore, software development is completely engineered. We will do it step by step, write design books, Review them again and again, and then develop them. Due to the relatively low level of software development in China, Japan is not at ease putting the most important designs of the project into China. Think about the number of outsourcing software development companies in China that can have more than 100 people. There are not many companies, but there are a lot of companies with a small number of people, and there is a large flow of staff in these companies, there is no technical accumulation. If you are a customer, you may not be able to submit your project with hundreds of millions of yen to these companies. It is a relatively large number of outsourced software development companies with more than 500 people. Although there are not many software companies in China, they also have some strength, such a company will receive some projects with more technical content, such as from basic design to integration testing. After outsourcing in Japan, we did not do the software as we did in small workshops, but paid attention to the process and quality. It is a good thing for China's software development.

For personal development, if you are always doing low-level repetitive work, it is naturally not a good choice, but if you can gradually develop in a good company, it would be very good to achieve the technical content of software engineering. How did India's software industry get up? Isn't it made by outsourcing in the United States. The inherent linguistic advantage is doomed to the possibility that China cannot compete with India for outsourcing in Europe and America. However, China's language advantage also makes it impossible for other countries to compete with China for Japanese outsourcing. Japan is a software power. Basically all the things that can be done with software are as enthusiastic as possible. For individuals, if you can achieve the basic design and even the definition of elements, you can say that you can be an architect. In addition, Japanese is also required for Japanese outsourcing. If Japanese is well mastered, it is also a very good personal capital. Some people may often say that there is a promising future for enterprises that want to enter Europe and America. But first of all, you should think about what companies in Europe and America can do. If you cannot get in and do some small list websites in China with small workshop enterprises in China, it is better to accept the baptism of formal Japanese software engineering. Therefore, I think it is not difficult for an individual to outsource Japan. The point is that if you do not want to develop, do you know that the development is in progress.

I want to say so much for the time being. Thank you for your attention.

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