I3-6100/gtx1050ti Balanced Game Computer Configuration recommendation

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 6100/gtx1050 ti game configuration, the price is not expensive, the mainstream game performance, with a balanced, durable and stable characteristics.

Accessory name brand model reference price
processor ¥679
heatsink ¥99
video card Sotec GeForce GTX1050TI-4GD5 x-gaming OC ¥1199
motherboard gigabyte B150M-HD3 DDR4 motherboard ¥529
memory Kingston Hacker Fury 8G DDR4 2133 ¥329
Hard disk Flash di sdssda-240g solid-state HDD enhanced version ¥469
chassis ¥159
power supply > Cool extreme War axe second-generation 400W power supply (rated 400W) ¥219
monitor aoc P2491VWHE/BW 23.6-inch narrow border ¥749
mouse mount user optional --
Reference price 4431 $
Relevant recommendation i5-6500/gtx1050ti computer game configuration recommended

Computer Hardware Reviews:

Processor aspect

I3 6100 is Intel's six-generation i3 processor this year, using the most advanced 14 nm process, a new Skylake architecture to support the next generation of DDR4 memory, The default frequency up to 3.7GHz, with 3M three level cache, TDP only 51W, although it is a dual-core processor, but with four threads, plus single core performance, performance can meet the majority of mainstream game and software requirements.

I3 6100 processor

It is worth mentioning that, by the recent devaluation of the renminbi against the dollar, CPU prices generally rise, this piece i3 6100 compared to the national day during the price has risen about 50 yuan.

Video card aspect

Gtx1050ti is Nvidia's new thousand-dollar mainstream graphics card, the performance is stronger than GTX960, and added VR support, new architecture and advanced technology, not only the performance enhancement is obvious, and the power consumption is lower.

Sotec gtx1050ti-4gd5 x-gaming OC video card

Sotec gtx1050ti-4gd5 x-gaming OC Graphics card is the current cost-effective, hot GTX1050 ti graphics card, the video card frequency to reach 1354-1468mhz/7008mhz, with 4 GB GDDR5 large video memory, 128bit mainstream bit wide, pci-e3.0 video slot, equipped with DVI/HDMI/DP and other mainstream High-definition interface, the largest support up to 7680x4320 resolution. Heat dissipation, this video card using platinum efficiency pure copper double heat pipe spiral blade fan, with quiet energy-saving characteristics.

Other Hardware and Computer configuration reviews

For a balanced set of excellent computer configuration, in addition to the CPU and graphics card to be balanced, other motherboards and power must pay attention to quality and stability, while the memory and hard disk need to pay attention to speed, the monitor is best to be equipped with narrow borders, IPs, such as Full HD features.

Motherboard aspects

The recommended configuration is gigabyte B150M-HD3 DDR4 motherboard, the first-line brand mainstream model hot products, workmanship materials and word-of-mouth performance good, stability and quality is guaranteed. As a new generation of B150 motherboards, added a new generation of DDR4 memory, equipped with rich USB3.0 and SATA3.0 interface, all solid-state capacitor materials, stability, quality, expansion of the mainstream performance.

Gigabyte B150M-HD3 DDR4 Motherboard (one of the 11 highest-selling B150 motherboards)

Memory and hard disk aspects

DDR4 memory and SSD has become the new Intel platform installed standard, the configuration of small and medium-sized is recommended for everyone is 8GB DDR4 memory and Flash di 240G solid-state hard disk Enhanced edition, specifications belong to the current mainstream level of the new platform, enough to meet the various types of game to the hard disk and memory needs. 240GB capacity hard disk is sufficient for most users, but if the storage requirements are more stringent, you can add a mechanical hard disk at any time to do extended storage, and later memory upgrades are also very convenient.

Flash di 240G solid state hard Drive enhanced version

It is worth mentioning that the current memory and SSD prices compared to the early days of a lot, the end is not the best installed period, many hardware have prices, to a certain extent, the impact of cost-effective.

Other Hardware aspects

Game box and brand 400w high-power power supply, in addition to the AOC P2491VWHE/BW 23.6-inch narrow-frame LCD, narrow-frame large screen design, IPS hard screen, visual effects of the mainstream.

Computer Configuration Reviews:

A set of 2016 new platform medium on the mainstream game computer configuration, the whole budget in 4500 yuan, performance can play most mainstream game. This set of i3 6100/gtx1050 TI installed programs are all new platforms, including CPU, graphics cards, DDR4 memory, SSD and so on, experience has a good performance, with a balanced, stable and durable, game performance mainstream characteristics, intends to assemble a balanced and durable mainstream game computer friends, may wish to consider.

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