I'm driving in America.

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Using "Country on Wheels" to describe American cars is not too much. The American daily life is closely related to the automobile, and no car can live normally. Newcomers to the United States must first obtain a driving licence, not only used when driving, but also as proof of identity. To obtain a driver's license, the whole process should be applied, written, road test and other stages.

To obtain a driver's license, the prerequisite is to be legally resident in the United States and have a legal status certificate. When applying for a driving licence, you must provide the applicant's date of birth, legal document and Social Security Number (SSN). Applicants can apply to the local or nearby City Vehicle Authority (DMV). If new immigrants live in the Chinese-populated city of Alhambra, San Gabriel, Monterey Park City, can go to Pasadena that DMV application or to the Monte-bellow DMV. The applicant must also pass the vision test.

Passing a written examination is the first step in obtaining a driver's license. The DMV has access to the Chinese California Driver's manual, which has a pen sample, which is also available at the China-funded driving school. But if you need more written tests, it's best to browse the DMV website. It is recommended to take some time to read the manual, although the written test questions can be selected in Chinese or English, but the applicant still need to compare the Chinese and English questions, familiar with the English traffic words, some driving school coaches believe that the first time to apply for a driver's license to fully prepare the written test for at least one months.

After the written test, the applicant can obtain a temporary driving permit issued by the DMV, then hire a coach to practice driving. Many beginners to deal with road test, the coach under the DMV Road Test line to practice driving, some people think this is very good, but the DMV think this is inappropriate, many people while the DMV on the road test route to practice driving.

Finding a driving instructor can obtain this information in the Chinese-funded driving school, but different driving school fees vary, suggesting that applicants can consult different driving schools. Road test to schedule an appointment with the DMV, the coach will generally help. Road test has three chances, very few people can pass it once, and many of them get their driver's license three times road test, and even road test up to more than 10 times. Pasadena The DMV has a Chinese-speaking examiner. If the Chinese applicant did not pass the road test twice before, the third Test may be offered to the Chinese examiner. If the three road test failed, the applicant will have to re-take the written test, and then make an appointment road test.

Need to be reminded that some coaches preach a shortcut for the applicant to obtain a driver's license, or a coach and some examiner is a friend, do not be gullible, the actual acquisition of a driver's license as long as willing to practice more can pass, there is no other shortcut.

It is also necessary to note that the above-mentioned content applies to basic C driving licences for new adult immigrants, other classes of driving licences and application methods can be consulted on driving schools, the general driver's license category includes commercial and non-commercial vehicles Class A, Class B commercial and non-commercial vehicles, Class C vehicles, M1 motorcycles, M2 motorcycles, etc. For a minor to apply for a driving licence, a parent or legal guardian must sign the application form. High school students over the age of 16 are allowed to apply for a driver's license in California.

Senior Driving instructor Mr. Wu said that now the coach is not allowed to take a driver's license to practice driving on the highway, there is no such item in the road test, even if the driver's license, drive to be more careful, to drive in the block is very skilled and then run the highway, to avoid accidents that endanger life and safety.


More than 10 years ago in the country took a driver's license, to the United States still have to retake.

A period of time to read an article, said the Chinese came over the average 3-4 times to pass the test, and those to the United States to learn cars-especially cautious female students, but often once can, I still feel disapproval, until their own experience to know this is not empty.

There is no problem in the written test, carefully read a few times the manual of traffic rules, registration, appointment, to the examination, in the traffic office of the wall side of the computer test, but, how many points, at a glance. The examination question language divides into English, the Spanish, incredibly also has the Chinese (Mandarin), the main two parts: the traffic sign and the question and answer question, all is the choice question, uses the hand to touch the option, fortunately, more than 20 minutes completes, the average 96 points. passed!

Then, road test was booked, half a month later. I didn't think the first time road test actually failed. It rained and darkened, turning left at a multi-lane intersection because the curved lines on the ground were not visible, and after the turn, the wrong lane was entered. In addition at a non-control intersection-that is, there is no traffic lights intersection, slow down enough. There is a bit of injustice, when changing lanes, from the shoulder to scan the "blind spot", the action amplitude is not enough. The blonde road Examiner decided I--although the driving skill is good, but the safety awareness is not enough. sorry! failed! She judged a single one of the exams and explained my mistakes and said I was convinced.

It seems that the United States traffic can be more complex than China, the traffic rules are very strict. Their main test is safety awareness, the driving skill is the second. Because it is easy to improve the driving skills, once there is no safety awareness on the endless. This is completely different from the domestic. Domestic is practicing technology, ignoring the rules, ignoring pedestrians--gifts on the line. China has created a 25% accident rate with 3% of the world's motor vehicles, explaining everything.

Another half month after the appointment of the second road test, hurriedly let his wife accompany the road field practice. I drove all the way out, and during a trip from Wisconsin to Illinois and Indiana, I traveled more than 1000 miles. Under this law, a foreign driver must be accompanied by a U.S. driver's license to travel. I benefited a lot from the rigor of American women, and got rid of a lot of bad driving problems. For example, every now and then one-handed driving, pause time is not enough, no stop, answer phone, take CD and so on. My wife and I had a rare chance to quarrel because of my Chinese driving habits.

Yesterday the weather was even worse, the snow, the road was slippery, the afternoon was darker. Mrs. advised me to give up or postpone, but also and I bet, I took the exam, she even do three days supper, rushed to this, I simply still bite the bullet.

Drive to Traffic bureau, the Hall met the last time that blonde road examiner, she still remember me, and I greet, wish me clearance. I would like to fall in her hand again, in the mind or Chinese-style thinking-the last time embarrassed me, this time how to let me a horse. I didn't think it was another male examiner.

Test it, the mentality released, but relaxed. Before I went on the road, I pretended to ask the examiner a question. I said Sir, according to the traffic manual, I don't know how to drive today. He was a little surprised and asked me what the question was. I said, according to the traffic rules, if it is heavy snow or heavy rain days, should be at the specified speed deceleration of 10 miles; if the road is frozen, it should be slowed down by half. But today, it is sleet, and although there is snow everywhere, the road is not covered with snow, and it is fast becoming a glacier. I also said that when I came on the road I noticed that the other drivers slowed down about 5-10 kilometers. He was very happy that I asked him questions, said such a situation, to pay special attention to, if the road open, basically do not slow down, if more cars, deceleration 5-10 km. I was very careful, all the exams, in the last place I was wrong, I was very careful: back to the literacy point, my neck as a giraffe swept past; I looked around snooping around for several seconds when I had no control of the intersection. The only deduction is when reversing, because the snow is too thick to judge and hit the roadside Curb (edge stone). If there is no snow, such errors are unlikely to occur. So he thought it would be acceptable. pass! He also asked some curious questions about the situation in China, such as melmine--melamine milk powder or something. I joked that maybe it was imported from the United States--what high technology was not invented in the United States? He laughing about.

Say all my expenses: the written test is $15, the temporary training license is $35 (one year validity), road test once: $0 (because it is not), two times Road test: 43 USD (including all charges). Total of $93. If one pass, only $53. No treats, no gifts, no cheating, no more. This is a stark contrast with the country. I was 10 years ago in a small city in the mainland to test a driver's license, nearly 2000 yuan, equivalent to a small half-yearly salary (now is how much, I am afraid of the rising), in addition to the Ming slaughter, but also layer to eat card to, layer of the suffer. The vicious to even a small driver's license, the rise of a big country or a great power to seize? A few years ago, home to visit relatives, heard from the DMV to the Transport Department, several leaders were sentenced. But they had nothing to do with these "little" eating cards, but to accept huge bribes.

The greatest emotion is the level of the American civil service, they are so amiable, there is no hope that the fishing use of power to seize something in you, but also do not have their duties as an additional favor or alms imposed on you. And you, as a taxpayer, there is no need to bowing, there is no need to receive a public servant in a face mountain arrogant and nasty sense of superiority and hunger Rulangshihu grab feeling, not to expect to treat gifts to take a shortcut back door-that is to lure him to a country's public servants, the consequences are serious, the light will revoke your exam qualifications, the weight of others Everything here is transparent.

I'm driving in the U.S.

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