i5 6500 with what graphics best?

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i5 6500 with what graphics best?

Recently, a netizen asked small make up such a question: i5 6500 with what graphics card best? i5 6500 with GTX1060 graphics card. For this topic, the following small series to talk about how the CPU with the graphics card, and also bring a set of current gamers very popular i5-6500 with 1060 graphics configuration scheme.

i5 6500 with what graphics card best?

For CPU with what graphics card good, this mainly look at user needs, balance, budget three aspects, there is no unified answer, needs to be based on their own needs, budget and other aspects to be considered. One, the installed will be balanced, to the CPU and graphics card to play their best performance as possible.

That might be a little abstract, simple can be understood as a match, such as high-end CPU, generally with high-end graphics, midrange CPU with the middle-end graphics, and so on, and the beginning of the CPU, general with the introduction of the graphics card, for some of the performance requirements of users, and even can not match the independent graphics card, many CPUs are built , it is also common for entry-level users to be unique.

What is i5 6500?

First of all to understand the I5 6500 processor, it is the Intel six generation i5 high-end quad-core processor, with the graphics card is naturally preferred in high-end more balanced. For the current independent graphics, the main optional n card and a card, and n card due to power control more outstanding, so become more users of choice.

GTX1060 video Card

And the current high-end next-generation N card is the best match is GTX1060 graphics card. If you like Friends of a card, AMD this year's new generation of RX 480, RX470 also worthy of recommendation.

Therefore, for now, i5 6500 with GTX1060 graphics card is the best, of course, can also consider the rx480/470 of a. In addition, it is worth mentioning that CPU with what video card also has the time factor, whether CPU or video card, we generally recommend to buy new do not buy old (new hardware, generally new architecture, performance will be enhanced, and power consumption has been improved, will add some new features, and the price is generally similar). Therefore, when the next year launched the GTX1060 upgrade alternative version, then i5 6500 best collocation is not GTX1060, we mainly know CPU and graphics card collocation is also timeliness, not never be a change can be.

Game player favorite i5-6500 with 1060 graphics Computer Configuration recommended

Mentioned in the last will be recommended a set of i5-6500 with 1060 graphics card configuration scheme, the following is a look at it. It is worth mentioning that the GTX1060 graphics card is divided into 3GB low and 6GB standard version, and the general installation recommended graphics budget is higher than the CPU, so the best advice with GTX1060 6GB version of the graphics card, more balanced, while the game performance is also stronger.

Game player favorite i5-6500 with 1060 graphics Computer Configuration recommended
Accessory Name Brand model Reference price
Processor Intel Core i5-6500 (Scatter) ¥1225
Radiator Kyushu Ice 400 ¥95
Graphics Sotec GeForce GTX1060-6GD5 X-gaming ¥1999
Motherboard Asus B150m-plus ¥589
Memory Kingston DDR4 2133 8G ¥349
Hard disk 240G SSD Solid State Drive ¥469
Chassis Hang Ka mvp+ game box ¥159
Power Aviation Ka jumper450s power supply (rated 450W) ¥239
Display AOC P2491VWHE/BW 23.6-inch narrow border IPs monitor ¥759
Button Mouse Pack User's Choice ——
Reference price 6000 yuan (including single display, large screen monitor machine)

The above DIY Computer Configuration chassis, power supply, display, solid-state hard drives can also choose other brand models according to their preferences, power to pay attention to select more than 450W power supply, the other hardware as far as possible choose brand products, quality and patience more secure.

Sotec GeForce GTX1060-6GD5 x-gaming video card

This set of 6000-price i5 6500/gtx1060 installed program is one of the most favorite game players this year, can play all kinds of games, tend to all-round level, like friends, may wish to consider it.

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