i7-6700/gtx1070 the computer configuration of the surface screen is recommended

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 i7-6700/gtx1070 screen Computer Configuration recommendation
Accessory Name brand model reference price
processor intel core™ i7 6700 (Scatter) ¥1955
heatsink ¥129
video card > Shadow GTX 1070 GAMER ¥2999
motherboard asus B150 PRO Gaming/aura ¥859
memory Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 2400 16GB (8gbx2 root) ¥769
hard Drive > Samsung 750 EVO 250GB solid-state drive ¥579
chassis Golden field beyond the Glory version of white ¥22 9
power supply ka multicore WD600 power supply (rated 600W) ¥389
monitor ¥2499
mouse mount user optional --
Reference price 10407 $
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Computer Hardware Reviews:

Processor, the configuration is the Intel six-generation i7 flagship i7 67,004 core processor, based on the current state-of-the-art 14nm technology, The default frequency reached 3.4GHz, and has 8M three level cache, support the latest generation of DDR4 memory, support VR features, built-in HD530 core graphics, performance positioning high-end, is enough to meet the needs of various large-scale games.

I7 67,004 Core Processor

In addition, in order to improve the cost performance and cooling capacity, the small series to select the bulk cpu+tt riing S300 Radiator, compared to the boxed can bring a better cooling experience.

Graphics, the configuration of small and medium-sized is recommended for everyone is NVIDIA flagship GTX1070 high-end graphics card, based on the new Nvidia Pascal architecture, and added VR support.

Shadow Chi GTX 1070 Gamer video card

Shadow Chi GTX 1070 Gamer graphics card, belong to the public version of the graphics card, the use of three cooling design, heat dissipation, and the public version of the price than the public version of more than 400 yuan, more cost-effective. Shadow Chi GTX 1070 Gamer graphics positioning high-end game players, equipped with 1620 (1822) Mhz/8ghz high frequency, 8G GDR55 large video memory, 256Bit large bit wide, strong performance, enough to play the ultimate Chang all kinds of large-scale games.

Other Hardware and Computer configuration reviews

Motherboard, in view of the i7 6700 does not support overclocking, the motherboard generally choose B150 motherboard, and as a set of high-end computer, in the motherboard we recommend a high specification B150 motherboard. The Asus B150 PRO Gaming/aura Motherboard is equipped with ten-phase power supply, LGA 1151 interface, support for the new Platform Core series processor, four DDR4-DIMM slots, maximum support for dual channel DDR4 2133 64G memory, and the motherboard with ASUS own aura light effect, It's very cool after light.

Asus B150 PRO Gaming Game Board

The memory aspect chooses 2 8GB Shadow gamer DDR4 2400 suits, 16GB oversized memory, enough to satisfy any current game demand. Hard disk is the choice of 250GB well-known Samsung SSD, for storage has higher requirements of friends, you can add a 1TB/2TB mechanical hard disk.

Other hardware for the brand side through the game box and 600W high-power brand power. The final display is a popular dual-surface screen display, HKC G27 surface display can bring better visual effects of the game.

HKC G27 Surface Display

Computer Configuration Reviews:

A set of million-level i7 6700/gtx1070 high-end DIY computer configuration, positioning light luxury fever, the overall hardware with a balanced, basically no slot point, performance is enough to play all kinds of large-scale games, the new platform high-end installed program of friends interested, may wish to consider it.

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