i7-6950x/gtx1080 Computer Configuration Evaluation diagram

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i7-6950x/gtx1080 Computer Configuration evaluation Diagram

i7 6950X with Asus ROG Strix-gtx1080-08g-gaming graphics, plus 509 chassis, can be said to be the most powerful hardware, enough contempt for all other DIY host. Less gossip, the following author will be the ASUS host for all-round evaluation, we look at this host is not your heart the strongest configuration host, take a look at it.

ASUS host detailed configuration is as follows:

Test platform hardware and software configuration

ASUS host uses the Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard with i7-6950x Manager. The graphics card uses the Asus ROG Strix-gtx1080-08g-gaming. Pirate ship h115i Integrated water-cooled Radiator provides a stable cooling environment for the platform, Pukot m6v Solid state drive to bring users a smooth experience. Pirate ship ddr4-3200 4g*4 High bandwidth can also meet the processor's demanding data storage requirements. Pirate ship rm650i Full Module power supply for the platform to provide high-quality power environment, Ying Guang 509 chassis revealed the extraordinary place of this host.

Here we go to the CPU Test link. To guarantee accurate and reliable testing, the following tests use the Windows 10 1 anniversary version of the 64-bit genuine system and do not optimize the operating system to obtain maximum system stability and compatibility.

Intel Core i7-6950x

i7-6950x cpu-z

Fritz Chess Benchmark

Fritz Chess Benchmark multi-core performance test, currently in the personal computer is the most rigorous step calculation and prediction software, but also can refer to the CPU speed to understand the strength of the CPU.

i7-6950x Single thread fraction 3247

i7-6950x Multithreading score 24949

Fritz Chess benchmark gives a datum parameter, which is based on the Pentium 3 1.0GHz processor, and its operation rate is 480Knps per second. The core i7-6950x's single-threaded operation rate is 3247 Knps, about 6.77 times times the Pentium 3 1.0GHz, because Fritz Chess can only identify 16 processors, so we only test benchmark 6950X 16 threads, The 16 thread operation rate is 24949Knps, about 51.98 times times the Pentium 3 1.0GHz.

Processor calculation test: Super Pi/cinebenchmark

Super Pi is a software that calculates pi, but it is better suited to test the stability of the CPU. Even if your system is running for a day without problems with Word or Photoshop, running Super pi doesn't necessarily work. Super Pi can also be used as a basis to measure the performance of CPU computing. How to use: Select the number of digits you want to calculate, (generally using 1 million-bit) click to start. Depending on the performance of the system, the calculation time is different.

Super Pi/cinebenchmark

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