IBM DB2 OLAP Multidimensional server solution

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Outstanding Features

Allows for rapid, direct analysis of comprehensive financial, mathematical and statistical functions and computational functions

Combine the flexibility of relational databases with the high performance of multidimensional storage to provide a web-enabled platform, easy access to enterprise-wide information enabling rapid application development and data modeling enables multiple users to simultaneously read and write to "what if" applications to support third-party analysis tools, To achieve an integrated, open business intelligence solution.

On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP): A new business development prospect

The sophisticated network of relationships that maintain the normal functioning of global commerce makes complexity a reality in business life. Today, a company may have many business units, hundreds of sales regions, and thousands of products, employees and partners. Or it could be a flexible internet adventurer who has stumbled into global markets and is driving the pace of business change. In this dynamic, multidimensional business world, managers, analysts, and business professionals need multidimensional reporting and analysis techniques to enable them to directly and intuitively explore their data and interact.

A multidimensional Analysis technology-on-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is becoming more and more important in this competitive business environment. Now, with IBM DB2 OLAP servers, IBM can help you take advantage of this powerful technology. By combining a powerful Hyperion Essbase OLAP engine with a relational database of the IBM DB2 Common database family, DB2 OLAP server delivers superior functionality, performance, and ease of use. With DB2 OLAP servers, developing new applications and data models will take days (rather than months) to reflect the pace of change in your organization.

Comprehensive analysis

OLAP users always want to ask intuitive questions, such as "What's the profit margin of my main product in South East in the third quarter?", DB2 OLAP servers have superior features and tools that allow them to ask questions and get answers immediately.

With the DB2 OLAP server, you can use more than 100 built-in financial, statistical, or mathematical functions to perform complex trend analysis, create ratios, and distribute situations.

The DB2 OLAP server supports simultaneous access and simultaneous updates for multiple users, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the data through the security of the letter-level safeguards. You can effortlessly develop complex "what if" scenarios with predictive models that require data to be repeatedly changed.

Rapid Application Development

Without any knowledge of query language, only the most basic programming experience, DB2 OLAP server allows you to quickly and effortlessly design and manage applications.

Application Manager (Application Manager) is an intuitive data model generator that allows you to create an accurate model of business data that resides on an OLAP server.

With the Essbase application Programming Interface (API), you can develop custom applications for DB2 OLAP servers to meet the most complex analysis requirements.

Flexible data storage

The DB2 OLAP server allows you to choose to store data on a relational database such as a DB2 universal database, or to store data on a Hyperion Essbase multidimensional storage.

When you select a relational database storage method, multidimensional data is organized into the fact and space table called "star structure", so that the data can be accessed in standard SQL.

The star structure is automatically generated, saving you time and eliminating the need to define and import the fact table.

Using a relational database as your data storage, you can use IT organizations as an existing system management technology. You can also enable the recovery, backup, and management capabilities of existing RDBMS to support OLAP applications.

Hyperion Essbase Multidimensional Storage provides optimized OLAP performance.

The quickest response speed

The DB2 OLAP server contains the analytical capabilities of the Hyperion Essbase Technology and is an industry leader in OLAP performance. In order to debug your application, you can use the data in advance to achieve the fastest response speed, or choose to dynamically compute the query to balance the size of the database.

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