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Icon file format has a variety of common, there are PNG, ICL, IP, and is the next small series to introduce the ICO format icon, ICO format icon A monochrome icon, widely in the Windows system in the DLL, EXE file.

The icon file has a fixed file header, and its data structure is as follows:

typedef struct {

WORD idreserved;

WORD Idtype;

WORD Idcount;

Icondirentry Identries[1];

} Icondir, *lpicondir;

Where the idreserved reserved for the system must be 0

Where Idtype is the resource type, 1 is the icon, and 2 is the cursor

Where the Idcount icon contains a number of small images in the resource composition

Where Identries is a data point to the icondirentry structure, its length is determined by the Idcount.

Let's take a look at how the Icondirentry structure is defined.

typedef struct {

BYTE Bwidth;

BYTE Bheight;

BYTE Bcolorcount;

BYTE breserved;

WORD Wplanes;

WORD Wbitcount;

DWORD Dwbytesinres;

DWORD Dwimageoffset;

} icondirentry, *lpicondirentry;

It's a long series of structures ...

*bwidth and Bheight represent the width and height of the image, at first, the system supports only 1 to 255 of the size, that is, the size of the 2^8-1,

But starting with WIDNOWS95, you can support the size of 256.

*wbitcount and Wplanes are used to describe the color depth of the image, which is 1 for monochrome icons.

*breserved is the system reserved field of 0

*dwbytesinres represents image data size

*DWIMAGEOFFSE represents the location of the image data, which is the offset address.

* But there is a place to be noted, bcolorcount it is assumed to be equal to the number of colors in the image, which means that it equals:

Bcolorcount = 1 << (Wbitcount * wplanes)

When Wbitcount * Wplanes >= 8 o'clock, the Bcolorcount is 0

* In reality, many people bother to fill in the Bcolorcount value, even if the 4-color or 16-color icon, it is set to 0. Starting with Windows XP,

Windows detects this common error, but for planar bitmaps, there are some problems with this automatic error-correcting mechanism, and fortunately, few people use planar bitmaps.

But you should not rely on the automatic error-correcting mechanism provided by Windows, but fill in the Bcolorcount value correctly. The wrong bcolorcount means that, given the wrong color depth information,

Windows may choose a less-than-ideal image in the ICO file.

* The monochrome icon consists of two bitmaps, often called masks, respectively called and and Xor, and the drawing icon is divided into two steps: first mask and screen for "and" operation, and then "XOR" operation.

Pixel = (screen and mask) XOR image

Select the appropriate value for mask and image to overwrite all monochrome BLT operations.

Mask Image Result Action

0 0 (screen and 0) XOR 0 = 0 Black

0 1 (screen and 0) XOR 1 = 1 White

1 0 (screen and 1) XOR 0 = Screen invariant

1 1 (screen and 1) XOR 1 = no screen anti-color

* Theoretically, mask Specifies whether pixels of image are copied to the screen, and black pixels in mask indicate that the corresponding pixels in image are copied to the screen.

*mask and image bitmaps are physically stored as individual but doubly highly-named Dib. First is the image bitmap, then the mask. Since the DIB is a bottom-up save format,

So if you want to observe a bitmap, then mask on the top and image below). bmp file format uses the data coordinate system, that is to say (0,0) in the lower left corner,

The data in a BMP file is the first to download one row of pixels.

* According to the format, the image of each icon is saved in the form of a bitmapinfo structure, according to which Bitmapinfoheader to decide if there is no palette data, then the pixel data of image and mask pixel data.

Where bicompression must be BI_RGB, because it is double the height of the bitmap, so biwidth is the width of the image, biheight twice times the height of the image.

* For the icon of the monochrome icon first written here ...

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