Idle speed control System composition

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Right and wrong ability is not strong, muddle climbing brothers, knot sisters, both cliques suspicion, and drunk weng drink of the meaning; if he is shady, and provoke trouble, not only like to drift, and hope to make trouble, this shows is the ideological security problems. Whether it is personal safety or thought safety, or behavior safety, they all have a common characteristic, that is the cruelty of the result. Traffic accident, swimming drowning accident, physical activity accident accident, the game chase occasional accident, the light can damage the physique, the heavy can endanger life, they cause the consequences are cruel. But the imperfection of thought and morals, the deviant of behavior way is more terrible than the physique is not perfect. Therefore, healthy psychology is very important for every college student. This will require US

Thanks to the many valuable suggestions made by the residents of the university City of the world, these upgraded functional operations guides are now available to you. Please continue to follow our improvements.

First, the album Management second, the Inhabitant spatial search function, Resources Annex Management ( New desktop mode feature)

Idle speed control System composition

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