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Now many sites need to register to normal browsing, there will be a lot of different accounts and passwords, although there is a special browser tool to help us manage account information, such as KeePass and LastPass, can not let the browser remember our password. But there are still a lot of friends in the relatively private computer, will let the browser remember the account password entered, so that the next time you can log in directly. However, because they are automatically logged in, will not be a long time to forget their account password?

The current mainstream browser itself has a password to retrieve, display password function, but the Internet Explorer for security considerations have not added such a function, anyway, if the encounter is clearly their own account, but because the password is hidden display and can not know their password, it is really very depressing things.

At this time perhaps we can use reveal passwords this bookmark gadget, it supports uses in each kind of browser, including IE browser each version, as long as gently click, the webpage originally hides the password, will crack to display the original content, thus can quickly retrieve own password.

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