IE10 is the most effective in protecting against malicious software

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NSS Labs, a security research firm, recently released a new data showing that IE10 has the best defensive malware capabilities in browsers such as IE10, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

The test runs on a unified Windows 8 virtual machine, with test samples for IE10, Chrome 25/26, Firefox 19, Safari 5 and Opera 12. During the test, 754 active and malicious links were used to test each browser, and the filter ratio of the song browser was counted.

Data packets show IE10 the safest

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, each browser has carried out 550 tests, the results show that IE10 to 99.96% of the results to become the final winner, followed by the chrome score of 83%, as for Safari, Firefox and opera results are not satisfactory, respectively, 10.16%, 9.92% and 1.87%.

IE10 is currently the latest version of the UE browser, built into the Windows 8 operating system, but also launched for the Win7 user version, security has been greatly improved. But in the leaked version of Win8.1, we found the newer version of IE11, and maybe we could see it in the Windows Blue Preview later.

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