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The address bar to everyone's impression is just a fill in the URL of the input box, even if the IE8 browser should also have nothing special, but the new version of the IE8 in the address bar but this time is different from the past. When we enter content in the IE8 address bar, the smart Address bar matches the history, favorites, RSS feeds and what we enter, and searches for all parts of the URL string (and the title of the page) to search for suggestions that make the site navigation easier. We can also delete unwanted URLs, such as the previously lost address. Now that we're talking about address bar intelligence, let's take a look at how smart the IE8 address bar is.

You must be familiar with the "Address bar" of the browser. As long as we enter the URL in the address bar, it can take us to where we want to go, and it also has a certain memory function, as long as we have lost in the Address bar URL, it will remember! But there will be some small trouble, you must have met ...

I used to remember even the wrong address.

There are so many URLs, in fact, only the last one is correct.

The previous address bar not only remember the correct URL we entered, but also remember that we inadvertently hit the wrong URL, and these wrong URLs are often ranked in the correct site before, let us often inadvertently repeat the past mistakes. Trying to delete the wrong address doesn't seem like a very easy thing to do.

Now, the mouse point, the wrong address delete no pardon

Input the wrong URL always trouble in the address bar? Okay, IE8 's smart Address bar to provide you with matching URLs, but also for you to provide a delete button, the wrong URL you just click on the corresponding red fork can be deleted, easy enough!

Previously, browsing the web, find it very troublesome.

The address bar can only remember the input URL, if we have access to other pages through the link it does not know. Finding a browsed page can only query complex history ...

Now, the smart Address bar, the Web site full of ~

Still looking for sites you've visited in your history and favorites? Too much trouble, as long as you remember a little bit of a Web site (even a letter!) You can find all the information about it in the smart Address bar of IE8.

IE8 Smart Address bar, it can be based on your usual online records to analyze which sites are your most frequented sites, and then give you the automatic completion of the recommendations, when you spell the address bar again, you do not need to lose the complete, it will give you an automatic completion of the proposal.

As long as you enter a hint of a URL, IE8 smart Address bar, you can record the history, favorites, subscribe to the source (RSS) of the match is not a drop all show

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