IE8 translucent filter (filter: Alpha) failure, symptoms of PNG translucent failure and treatment remedies

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Some features of IE8 often fail due to some unknown mysterious reasons.

Jack met two more. In fact, this is not met by the hacker. It has been a long time, but it has never taken the time to solve it, and it is time for the hacker to seek medical advice.

First, filter: Alpha is invalid.

The problem is that in IE8, CSS like filter: alpha (opacity = 35)CodeThere is no expected translucent effect, so I am wondering.

No remedies were found in the vast ocean.

In other words, the IE filter is a magic thing, and the style is changed.

In IE8, you can write-MS-filter: "progid: DXImageTransform. Microsoft. Alpha (opacity = 50 )";

In IE7, you can write filter: progid: DXImageTransform. Microsoft. Alpha (opacity = 50 );

In IE6, you can write filter: alpha (opacity = 50) in this way)

The last one is my preference, because it is short, and I am bored with a bunch of progid: DXImageTransform. Microsoft.

The first two methods are clearly the same as the ActiveX technology of Ms. The third method does not seem ActiveX, but it is still ActiveX in essence, do not believe that you have disabled all ActiveX in the security options to try. All the IE filters, including this filter, will be sacrificed with honor immediately.

The filter encountered this time: Alpha is invalid. I checked that ActiveX is on and flash can be played, finally, you can set up a channel in the security options seven to eight (you can directly reduce the security level to the lowest ), but I didn't know which option or which option is related to it.

It's still {opacity: 0.5}. When will ie support.


In addition, PNG is not transparent.

IE7 and IE8 both directly support the alpha of PNG images. This time, the reason for the failure of PNG translucent in IE8 is unknown. It may be related to some 360safe actions, but it is just a suspicion.

This time I was lucky. I found a remedies in the vast ocean. I changed the registry according to the remedies and solved the problem.

Start-> Run-Regedit. Open the Registry. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ embedextntoclsidmappings \ ..png does not exist. Then click. PNG, double-click the default value, and paste "CLSID: 02bf25d5-8c17-4b23-bc80-d3488abddc6b" in the numeric data ".

This eccentric URL is (IE 8 cannot show PNG images !), The middleware in this article talked about the effect of multiple registries on the PNG Effect of IE8, and listed several situations that may result in the destruction of the PNG registry options.


When PNG encounters filter: Alpha 

the PNG issue of the IE series is a problem that has been widely criticized, has been around for a long time, and has not been well resolved so far. From the failure of IE6 to the support of IE7/8 defects, but there are still many imperfections. For example, when the PNG encounters filter: Alpha, the PNG directly becomes black! You can see this article above the Blue classic (very strange problem, PNG appears under IE7 black background ).

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