If constancy, why shift sleep just before dawn up, the most useless, not a day exposure 10th cold

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If constancy, why shift sleep just before dawn up, the most useless, MO a day exposure 10th cold. --This is the Ming Dynasty scholar Hu Guiren encourage each other union, highlighted the sages diligently studies, perseverance, and pays attention to the scientific study method the scholarship experience.

Yan zhenqing is "shift lights just before dawn chicken, is the man reading." Black hair do not know diligent early, the first party regrets reading late.

Your constancy why shift sleep just before dawn up, the most useless afraid one day exposure 10th cold. Comrade--mzd used this couplet to motivate himself---no stable learning emotion, and could not achieve learning achievement.

1). Persuade people to cherish time
Dark hair do not know diligent early, the first party regrets reading late
Youth easy to learn old, one inch time not light
Time is money, saving money is difficult to buy time
An idle youth, needy age

(2). To be honest with others
1. The strong wisdom does not reach, the words do not believe the people do not.
--Modi, the Warring States thinkers
2. Internal and external corresponding, words and deeds commensurate.
--Han Fei, the Warring States philosophers and educators
3. The good is not from the outside, the name must not be false.
--Qu Yuan, poet of the Warring States
4. True, sincere, not fine, not sincere, not moving.
--Zhuang Zhou, the Warring States philosophers
5. A person is not entitled to breach of the name.
--Liu Xiang, Han Confucian
6. False deception can not be long, the emptiness can not be long, rotten wood can not be carved, love can not be long.
--under, Han Dynasty poetics house
7. To the letter to pick up, the world letter, not to the letter to pick up, wife suspect.
--Chang Quan, Jinchaoyin
8. Man is not faithful, and cannot stand in the world.
--Cheng Yi, the Song Dynasty philosopher
9. More virtual than less real.
--Chen Fu, the Song Dynasty philosopher
10. To treat others, not only the benefit of the people, the benefit of their own especially large.
--Yang Jian, Song Dynasty scholar
11. Honesty is the lifeblood of life and the foundation of all values.
--Ryder, British writer
12. Faithful to the word, and to the king of Benedict.
--The Analects
13. A man can only be deceived for a moment, but honesty is a long-term strategy.
--John Rey, British scholar
14. Life can not be a lie among the bright flowers.
--Heine, German poet
15. To be honest is the most inspiring.
16. True to oneself, to the person can go pseudo, like the night and then the day, the shadow with the body.
--Shakespeare, English dramatist
17. Is there no dignity to be honest?
--Cicero, ancient Roman statesman
18. If a man loses his honesty, he loses everything.
--Li Li, British essayist
19. Honest and best policy.
20. If one can abandon hypocrisy, he will gain great peace of mind.
--Mark Twain

(3). To persuade people to be tolerant, everything must be seen open
Sunrise East Sea Falls West Hills, sorrow also one day, happy also day;
Remember what should be remembered and forget what should be forgotten. Change what can be changed and accept what cannot be changed.
Regret is an emotional expense. Regret is a greater loss than the loss, a greater error than the error. So don't regret it.

(4) Strong will, resolute determination

I succeeded because I had the determination to never hesitate. A famous aphorism of Napoleon I

The important symbol of personality maturity: tolerance, patience, kindness. -"The weakness of human nature" famous aphorism

What makes you tired is not the high mountain in front, but the grain of sand in your shoes. -Anonymous famous aphorism

The armed forces can seize the handsome, bastard not to seize the chi. -"The Analects of Confucius," a famous aphorism
(5) About love

True love is going to drive wild or near-lascivious things far away. Plato's Famous aphorism

(6) About Slim
The gentleman's slim, Inside is its heart, outside is its capacity. -(song) Ouyang Xiu's famous aphorism

The prime no longer come, a day difficult again morning, timely appropriate encourage each other, years not treat people. -(Jin) Tao Yuanming famous aphorism

Moral character, should be noble, worldly, should be frank, manners, should be polite. -(FA) Montesquieu's famous aphorism

Quiet to slim, thrifty to foster virtue, non-mingzhi, not quiet, not so far. -The famous aphorism of Zhuge Liang

(7) People should always be self-conscious--know themselves

The hardest thing to do is to know yourself. Greece

Self-knowledge is the most precious thing. Spain

If you want to know yourself, you'd better ask someone else. Japan

Only in the midst of the crowd can you know who you are. Germany

The stars in the sky were so clear that the soot on their faces was invisible. Malaysia

He who sings his praises has only one audience. Japan

Mock not a others carry camel, their waist upright. Soviet

The most spiritual people cannot see their backs. Africa

The more incompetent people, the more they like to criticize others ' mistakes. Ireland

Everyone knows where the shoes squeeze their feet. Latin America

Own shoes, know where they are tight. Spain

Own appetite to know. Soviet

If you don't judge yourself, you won't judge others. Germany

If you can not command yourself, you can not command others. United States

The person who is afraid of you in the face must hate you behind. British
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[Learn to learn] famous aphorism selection (sequencer arrangement)

Hundred East Sichuan to the sea, when to return to the West? An idle youth, needy age. (Han Yuefu "long Song Line")

Hundred studies must be determined first. (Zhu Xi)

Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom incense from bitter cold come.

The pen falls to the wind and rain, the poem becomes The Cry Ghosts. (Du Fu)

Do not cut the pseudo-body of the elegant, the transfer of the multi-master is RU teacher. (Du Fu)

Boguan and about, thick and thin hair. (Su shi)

Learned, interrogation, careful thinking, discernment, and the Benedict. (The Book of Rites)

Do not climb the mountain, do not know the sky high also, not near the Deep Brook, not know the thick also. ("Xunzi")

There are other:
Do not fly is already, soar, do not beep is already, blockbuster. (Sima Qian)

Do not suffer from the ignorance of the people, suffering from the people do not know. (Confucius)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained? (Later Han book)

Do not plug the flow, not only not. (Han Yu)

Do not know the truth, only the edge of this mountain. (Su shi)

Defying clouds to hide their eyes, from the edge of the highest level. (Wang Anshi)

No rules, no Cheng Fang. (Mencius)

After the harvest of flowers into honey, for who hard for who sweet. (Luo Yin)

Granary actually know etiquette, food and clothing is known honor and disgrace. ("tube")

The song and then Xiao Sound, view thousand sword and then the knowledge device. (Liu Xie)

He who knows himself can know the ancient. ("Lu Spring and Autumn")

Poor to least bit, great difference. ("Chinese book")

Waves will sometimes, straight hanging cloud sail sea. (Li Bai)

My heart is a magnetic needle stone, do not mean the south refused to sue. (Wen Tianxiang)

Sinking boat side thousand sails, the disease tree before the million wood spring. (Liu Yuxi)

A fall into, your wit. (Proverb language)

The ruler has a short inch. (Qu Yuan)

Apprenticeship not Jie body first die, long make the hero tears fly. (Du Fu)

Spring Silkworm to die silk side, wax torch into Ashes tears began to dry. (Li Shangyin)

The horse's hoof disease, a day to see the Chang ' an flower. (Meng Jiao)

Exploding into color shut, an affair to. (Yechao)

The moment of the hour is worth a daughter. (Su shi)

Kongshan Ruden, Cong. ("Mandarin")

Man rather sadistic, not full. (North Zishu)

If the big straight bend, naturalness, big argument. ("Lao Tzu")

I do not know the veteran to, rich in me as clouds. (Du Fu)

I hope people long, thousands of miles total cicada Juan. (Su shi)

Indecision, against its chaos. (Chinese book)

Lookers, onlooker sees most. (New Tang book)

The people who have attained the word are more helpful. ("Mencius")

Mountain climbing is full of mountains, the sea is an idea overflow. (Liu Xie)

East Sunrise West Rain, the road is not clear but there is clear. (Liu Yuxi)

Reading times, its righteousness self-existing. Kingdoms

Read a book broken million Juan, write. (Du Fu)

The law of Reading, in a progressive and gradual, familiar and refined thinking. (Zhu Xi)

Read thousands of books and walk the road. (Liu Yan)

Many lines of injustice will be self-killing. (left pass)
Perish and the name of the dead, not waste rivers of eternal flow. (Du Fu)
All things Yu (pre) stand, and do not (pre) waste. (The Book of Rites)

The mouth of the people is better than the anti-chuan. Mandarin

Non-learning without a wide, non-ambition to become a learning. (Zhuge Liang)

The wind is rustling and easy water cold, the heroes go to the XI no longer. ("The Warring States policy")

Riches cannot be *, poverty cannot be moved, not. (Mencius)
Feel the motherland, draw the sword from Artemisia lai. (ANG)
Gaoshanyangzhi, the king of the line to stop. (Book of Songs)
工欲善其事, its prerequisite. (Confucius)
The ancient inflexible, there are super-people, but also the perseverance of the chi. (Su shi)
The viewer is a good craftsman, and the audience is sick for good doctor. (Song and Ye Shi)
The Riyuerusuo of the Flies. (Ming "augmented Xian Wen")
Rolling the Yangtze River East died of water, spray Amoy heroes. ("Kingdoms")
The sea is wide by diving, the sky high as a bird fly. (Poetry and poetry)
Sea memory Bosom friend, Tianya if near. (Wang Bo)
The Moon is born at sea, and the horizon is at this time. (Zhang Jiuling)
Suddenly such as the night Breeze, thousand trees million tree pear blossom. (Cen Sen's)
When the Ling, at a glance at the mountain small. (Du Fu)
Woe, the blessing of the Leaning, Fu Xi, the pot of the Volt. ("Lao Tzu")
Do unto others, come back haunting. Analects
Instead, opinions. ("Tong Zhi Jian")
See Rabbit and Gu dog, mend, dead sheep and repair, not late also. ("The Warring States policy")
See righteousness not, not courage also. Analects
Jiangshan generation has talent lady out, each lead hundreds of years. (Zhao Yi)
respectability, veneer. (Liu Ji)
Tun, Xiangyang Huamui for spring. (Sulin)
Jinzhuzhechi, Howl. (Fu Xuan)
The mirror break does not change the light, the orchid dies does not change fragrant. (Meng Jiao)
Kyushu is angry with the storm, immobility to the grief. I advised the heaven to cheer, eclectic down talent. (Gong Zizhen)
Dedicated, heartily. (Zhuge Liang's "apprenticeship form")
Death to the national calamity, as the dead suddenly return. (Cao Zhi)
A gentleman oblige a man's evil. Analects
The gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is long obsession. (Confucius)
A gentleman is worried about poverty. Analects
A gentleman's turn pale if water, the villain's turn indifferent. ("Chuang Tzu")
Hale, Ning know the heart of the soul, poor and strong, do not fall into the ambition of the Qing. (Wang Bo)
Laojifuli, Costraint. The martyr Zhuangxin in his twilight. (Caocao)
Pear yard rongrong month, Willow Pond faint wind. (Yan Shu)
Water does not rot, bookworm. (Lu Spring)
The road long its repair far today, I will go up and down and quest. (Qu Yuan)
The road distance horse horsepower, the day long see the heart. (Yuanqu and repay)
Fall red is not ruthless things, into the spring mud more protective flowers. (Gong Zizhen)
Fall Xia and solitary Mo Fei Qi, the eyes of a total of sky. (Wang Bo)
The full recruit loss, modest benefit. Shangshu
Merson Snow three points white, snow but lose plum a section of incense. (Romeipo)
There is no beginning, the fresh Gram has the end. (Book of Songs)
Members Doukua, fools. (Confucius)
Don't worry about the road without bosom friend, the world who does not know June. (Gao Shi)
Mo DAO roundabouts late, slightly chardonnay still sky. (Liu Yuxi)
Mo lightly, white a young head, empty mournful! (Yue Fei)
The wind will destroy the wood show in the forest. (Old Tang book)
Demantoid a little red, moving spring does not require much. (Wang Anshi)
With, Mao? (left pass)
Shing, ridiculous measured. (Han Yu)
Its curvature is high, its and MI. (Song Yu)
He is not in the right body, but not in the body. Analects
Qiwen A total appreciation, doubts and analysis. (Tao Yuanming)
The rise and fall of the ages how many things, leisurely, endless river rolling stream. (Xin ji)
A journey begins with a journey. (Lao Tzu)
The ancients were not seen before. Read heaven and Earth's leisurely, alone who recalls and tears down. (ANG)
Before, Hore. (Chinese book)
Nevermore, future. ("The Warring States policy")
Perseverance, stone can be used to engrave. (Xunzi an exhortation)
Green, take it to blue and green Bluetooth. (Xun Zi)
The castle Peak cannot hide, after all the east flow. (Xin ji)
The clear water out of Lotus, natural to carving. (Li Bai)
The poor change, the general rule is long. I Ching
The poor are spared, up to the diplomatist. ("Mencius")
A person's innate death, or is extremely heavy, or feather, is different from the other. (Sima Qian)
Life from ancient times who did not die, stay loyalty according to history. (Wen Tianxiang)
People who have no past, and can change, good great Yan. ("Zuo Zhuan")
Benevolence people see the benevolence, the wise see that wisdom. (The Book of Zhouyi)
Disguise, how do you know that you are not blessed? (Huainan sub)
Shift lights just before dawn chicken, is the man assiduous when. Dark hair do not know diligent early, the first party regrets reading late. (Yan Zhenqing)
The armed forces can seize the handsome also, bastard not to seize the ambition also. (Confucius)
Mo, mournful, white young head, empty. (Yue Fei)
The mountain is too high and the water is too deep. (Caocao)
The mountain is not high, there is a fairy name, the water is not deep, there is a dragon spirit. (Liu Yuxi)
The Mountain High Month is small, to the bottom. (Su shi)
The mountains and rivers broken wind drifting, the life of rain playing ping. (Wen Tianxiang)
situations, Vista. (Lu You)
Juvenile hard life, MO to time lazy Shang. (Du Xunhe)
The body is dead, the spirit of God, the son of ghosts and demons. (Qu Yuan)
The body without color Phoenix wings, touches your heart. (Li Shangyin)
Life as a Jay, death is also a ghost male. (Li Qingzhao)
There is also a life, knowing (wisdom) is also boundless. (Chuang Tzu)
Wearsaway, Stones. (Song Rodaking)
A saint is a man who has a loss; There must be one. ("Yanzi Spring and Autumn")
Genji, greatly hyped. (Later Han book)
The prime does not return, a day difficult again morning, timely encouragement, the years do not treat people. (Tao Yuanming)
Hake we shall, roundabouts. ("Later Han book")
Embark, Bainianshuren. ("Pipe/Guanxiu")
Shihu See the Minister of the Day, the world disorderly Knowledge Zhong Liang. (Bao Zhao)
A persevering is not a way to be, but a heavy one. Analects
A man dies as a confidant. Historical records
All things are learned, human sophistication is the article. ("Dream of Red Mansions")
The Test Jade to burn 3rd full, the discrimination material must wait seven year period. (Bai Juyi)
When the book to Time to hate less, things do not know hard. (Lu You)
Shuying horizontal oblique water clear shallow, dark fragrant floating month dusk. (Lin Bu)
Who said Carex duriuscula Heart, reported three Chunhui. (Bon-Jiao)
Shuizhi, there is no one to observe. (The Book of Rites)
The age of cold, and then know the pine after the wither. (Confucius)
It is the stone of mountain, can attack Jade. (The Book of songs and Lesser)
Pale no place to find, marvelous. ("Outlaws of the Marsh")
Tao Li does not speak, next from Seikei. Historical records
The weather is not as good as the geography and geography. ("Mencius")
It is difficult for the world to be easy to do, and for it to be, it is easy for those who are difficult to do so. (Peng)
The world rise and fall, stake. (Gu Yanwu)
Days are often, not for Yao, not for the death of the Jie. "Gou zi")
Providence Pity the grass, the human is late and clear. (Li Shangyin)
Wanwusangzhi (Book Sutra)
He that is not to be admonished shall be chased by the comer. (The Analects of Confucius)
For human nature secluded couplets, the language is not surprising death endlessly. (Du Fu)
He who has not dared to forget his country. (Lu You)
The way of Man Mo, Yichi. Rites
The article is sometimes written together, and the poem is a matter of fact. (Bai Juyi)
Wen Tao has successively, the operation industry has specialized. (Han Yu)
Ask June can have how much sorrow, just as a river of spring to the east flow. (Li Yu)
Ask the canal that is clear so, for have fountainhead come. (Zhu Xi)
I smile from the horizontal knife to the day, the liver and gallbladder two Kunlun. (Tan Sitong)
Boundless falling wood rustling under, not the Yangtze River rolling. (Du Fu)
Flowers fall off, familiar with the return of Yan. (Yan Shu)
No intention of bitter struggle for the spring, a jealous. (Lu You)
Obscurity also have a career, and know is also boundless. ("Chuang Tzu")
Do not be evil and small, do not be good and small. (Liu Bei)
Birds of a feather, flock together. I Ching
The setting sun is infinitely good, just near dusk. (Li Shangyin)
First, enjoy. (Fan Zhongyan)
Small lotus only dew sharp point, early dragonfly stand above. (Yang Wanli)
Worries boundless even Guangyu, listens to thunder in the silent Place. (Lu Xun)
New MU will play the crown, the new bath will be vibrating clothing. (Qu Yuan)
The letter is not beautiful, the words do not believe. A good person does not argue, and the defence is poor. (Lao Tzu)
A single spark can be a prairie fire. Shangshu
Learning without thinking is not the case, but thinking without learning is dangerous. (Confucius)
Insatiable, indefatigable. (Confucius)
Learn and then know enough. Rites
Learning. (Xun Zi)
Blood of the central Plains fertilizer strength grass, cold condensate earth hair spring. (Lu Xun)
Blame, Shang. (Mao order)
"Yangchun" song, and will be Genji, greatly hyped. ("Later Han book")
Diligence, desolate, journeys by chance, destroyed in the following. (Han Yu)
One year is no more than the tree Valley; ten years of the count, the trees; ("in Control")
A day of violence, 10th cold, there is no one who can live. ("Mencius")
Clothes isetal New, people isetal so. (Yanzi Spring)
With copper as a mirror, can be dressed, with ancient as a mirror, can be known as a mirror, with artificial mirrors, can be clear gains and losses. (Sun Zhaoyuan)
Sorrow and Yi can prosper, and the body may die. (Ouyang Xiu)
Love peony contains spring tears, unable to rose lying Xiao Branch. (Qin Guan)
A person with a ambition is a matter of fact. (Later Han book)
Living with the righteous, such as into the Lanzhi room, Kyuki; Ruimbau, long without smelling it (Liu Xiang)
The jade does not cut, does not have the device, the person does not learn, does not know. (The Book of Rites)
Bones, dog. (left pass)
To the poor Trinidad, to a higher level. (Wang Zhihuan)
Make haste, see little profit is not big event. Analects
Early years old that knows the world is difficult, Central Plains North look gas like mountain. (Lu You)
'd been through water, except Wushan is not a cloud. (Yuan Zhen)
'd been through water, except Wushan is not a cloud. (Yuan Zhen)
Zhang and not, man Mo can also, but not Zhang, man mo is also, Yichi, the road of Man Mo also. (The Book of Rites)
Know not enough, then can reflexive also, know sleepy, then can self-improvement also. (The Book of Rites)
The enemy, Baizhanbudai. (Sun Tzu)
Knowledge is power. (bacon)
Sparing, Liker. (Su Xun)
The paper came to the end of the light, I know this matter to preach. (Lu You)
To long anti-short, to short inverse length. (Lu Spring)
A wise man must have a loss, and a fool shall have one. (Yanzi Spring)

If constancy, why shift sleep just before dawn up, the most useless, not a day exposure 10th cold

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