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If I design a mobile phone for myself, it is first a reliable communication tool, not the iphone, millet, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung and other toys. Second, not only to adapt to urban use, but also to adapt to outdoor hiking use.

1, the battery is the most common 18650 lithium batteries. 4 battery position, 1-4 batteries can be installed. Usually only one, and can switch. If one of the batteries is depleted, it automatically switches to another battery and shows which battery is out of power. There are other batteries at work when the batteries are changed, so the normal work of the phone is completely unaffected. The advantage of using 18650 battery is that the battery is very cheap and reliable, the notebook computer can be removed, the new Sanyo Panasonic also on the 30 Yuan section. Outdoor use can be taken with more than 10, but also with the flashlight general. Don't say anything. Mobile Power charger can replace the battery, with a charge of more than 18650 batteries about 4 times times the battery, if used at low temperature, because the charge and discharge conversion efficiency is very low, it may take more than 10 times times the weight. 18650 the other advantage of the battery is a lot of kinds, for example, when you need to the cold area, you can change the low-temperature battery, you can work in the 零下40度 environment. Instead of Conte like the iphone, it's completely impossible to use. )

2, the mobile phone's GPS performance should be good enough, have a separate external GPS antenna, so that in the woods and heavy rain also have better reception performance. To have enough capacity to store a variety of maps, not only can store Google Map, Baidu Maps, as well as outdoor topographic maps. The general 20-meter contour map may not be enough at times, and can be used to map 5m. This requires support for very large capacity map cards, if you need to oziexplorer map or oruxmaps to 20 floors, or 5 meters or even 1 meters of contour map, the national map may need hundreds of G. There are eight storage card slots that can be placed directly on several map cards and photo storage cards, each card 128G or 256G.

3, the mobile phone has a full size antenna, and can change the antenna. A five-eighths-wavelength outboard antenna is 6 decibels better than the one that is crowded between the circuit board and the display. If you put on a eight-wood antenna, you can increase the 10 db. In the inconvenience of the use of external antenna, can be in the machine 2 or more antennas between the conversion, which antenna gain high use which. (because the antenna gain is very much influenced by grip and angle).

4, the display can be divided. Look at the picture needs a lot of area, and do not look at the picture when only the most basic operation function, then only need a few one-tenth of the area, the other parts are closed, so you can save electricity. There is even a screen inside the machine, see through the eyes to the magnifying glass-so that inside can be a very small display, the area can be 50 times times smaller, brightness can be 20 times times lower, so that the total power consumption of the display is reduced by 1000 times times. This magnifying glass mode is especially suitable for viewing maps, GPS trajectories and various data records in the sun. You can also have a display on both sides: The front is a light-emitting LED display, and the back is a black-and-white display of electronic ink. Look at the map or GPS track and a variety of strategies when you can read paper books.

5, mobile phone has 3 kinds of working mode: micro-power mode, high power mode, and normal mode. In the micro-power mode, with a very low speed CPU and very small memory work, the CPU computing power only needs the current four core CPU 1%, or even lower, only to complete the most basic functions. High power mode, the mobile phone's launch power to increase 20 times times, easy to grab the cellular base station in a short time. Especially suitable for sending a key message for help. (such as Seal VR7 's kind of automatic send coordinates and the preparation of the content of the text message function).

6, mobile phone's shell frame is mainly carbon fiber and engineering plastics materials. is divided into two rooms: one is the lid can open, the other is airtight. The circuit department is completely sealed, can not be disassembled, with epoxy resin, such as sealing to ensure waterproof. The other part is waterproof horn, battery compartment, charging mouth, buttons and other parts, open the rubber cover, also has enough waterproof performance.

7, the mobile phone has a keyboard. Because when it rains, or when you wear gloves on a snowy day, you can hardly operate with a touch screen.

8, mobile phone width 85mm, long 200mm, thick 25mm. Weigh about 450 grams after loading 4 batteries.

9, Mobile Accessories: A, insulation sleeve. In cold areas, prevent the temperature from being lowered to the battery and display screen, with a transparent low thermal conductive plastic jacket for insulation. When the temperature is lower than the Conte, the battery is heated to ensure that the cell phone temperature is not too low. Insulation sleeve coating to prevent frosting materials, ice sticks, once the breath of the gas freezes, it is easy to fall. B, high gain eight wood antenna. It needs to be taken in areas where the signal is bad, or when a satellite phone is used.

10, other functions: A, independent GPS track record function. When used alone as a GPS, other parts of the circuit are all closed, only the GPS module in the record, so that can save a lot of electricity, four 18650 batteries can work for one months. B, automatic shooting records, every few meters to take a record of the scenery along the way, the main role is to get lost when you can find. Photograph and GPS track match, can give easy to get lost people to bring a lot of convenience. C, digital walkie-talkie function. Similar to the communication function of the micro-group, but using the UHF frequency between 400-470mhz, where there is no cell phone signal. The GPS data between different people can be shared by interphone, so it shows the location and spacing of each person directly on the map. This is very useful for the team's donkey friends. Transmit Power min 10MW, Max 5w. D, black box function. Can record, remember, plus GPS track records and automatic photo, in case of an accident, find a mobile phone rescue team can know how this donkey friend died.

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