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Today, I am joking with everyone. I want to talk about some personal ideas about girls and girls. The most important thing is that I want to link all the girls I like with programs we write, analysis from the perspective of design programs, this method of chasing girls, the way to pick up girls. It's just a pleasant mood.

I haven't had a sense of humor for a long time. Recently, I have been busy mechanically, living without passion, working without heat, and the environment is very dull. It was a bunch of boring things that made me a lot older. I was a handsome and elegant guy. Now it's better. It's just like a "sharp brother"-decadent, cool, old-fashioned.

It is said that only men are smart to understand humor, and women seek men for happiness. In this way, we should learn humor as a man, and as a programmer, we should be more like this. Otherwise, people will become stuck to the dull computer all day, and eventually the whole person will only walk straight lines without creating other paths, which is a little too bad, at least the chance of meeting a girl will be reduced. Learn humor and understand the state of mind of the program. Let's get started. Let's talk about the relationship between the girl and the program.

First, if you think of chasing girls as a class

People who have read programming languages or code should have heard of it. They also know that there is a term called "Object-Oriented". Here I am talking about a class which is an object-oriented description and abstraction, defines the attributes, methods, constructors, and so on of an object. If we define chasing girls as a class, it should be like this. First, the class name is defined as FetchGril, and then the properties are defined in FetchGril. Private attributes include: String gridName girl's name; Date birthDate girl's birthday; int age girl's aging; public attributes include: String firstPlace place for the first appointment; Date firstKiss, needless to say, everybody knows; double handRate holds hands with each other and so on, but there are still a lot that you can't remember. Good! Next, let's define the method. First, you can override one or several FetchGril constructor methods and initialize them in it. The girl you want to find is fat, thin, youthful, and where people are; the second definition is a girl filter that matches your current requirements. It is called checkGrid. The input parameter is a grid object, and then it is checked in the method body to see if it meets the requirements, finally, the returned result is true or false. The third method to be defined is how to hit this girl. In the method body, set the expected time, location, operation method, and necessary tools, then combine these external conditions, and add your own courage and confidence. Of course, here you still need to define whether the returned result is true or false, which indicates whether your success is successful or not, OK. The entire method definition is basically completed.

As you all know, the classes we design or write generally require less than 200 lines. The basic definition of the FetchGril class is similar. Of course, you can expand it yourself and look at the back of the girl you want, add some of your own business rules and lazy colors to enrich them. However, the core thing is courage and perseverance. Of course, you can be honest.

Second if you think of chasing girls as a package

The so-called package is composed of many class classes, and different classes are used to complete different tasks. This requires each Member to perform their respective duties and do their best to work together to achieve major events. I believe everyone knows the "Barrel Principle", which is a typical portrayal of collective collaboration. Only each piece of wood is closely linked and can be filled with more water. If a member dies in the middle or is physically impaired, it will be useless for other companions to do well.

If chasing girls is regarded as a package, I can think of some major Member classes defined in this package as follows: the entity class Grid describes the objects that pursue girls, and the control class FetchAction schedules the entire encounter process, execute-type FetchHandle to handle things such as meeting, dating, crying, making fun, sending flowers, making phone calls, and breaking up, the operation FetchService is mainly responsible for linking the monitoring and processing processes between the control FetchAction and the execution FetchHandle.

It is obvious that once defined as a package, the scope of the package will become much larger immediately. You need to consider more things, then the process of handling the entire thing becomes organized, with a division of labor and a sequence.

If third regards girl chasing as a project

Speaking of projects, everyone will soon be able to think of the construction period, contract amount, project plan, cost budget, customer requirements, technical design, human resource allocation, resource scheduling, progress tracking, and so on. Of course, if you have studied professional project management, you should know that what I have mentioned above is nothing more than the "9 major systems" mentioned in project management ", I heard this new word in a training session a few days ago, so it is just used here to show it clearly. In fact, I don't even know the root of the nine major systems.

I am a kind of typical fake programmer. I have done so many projects and have also done some management and other roles. In my opinion, the boss always says, "You are responsible for bringing a few people to the management system of a certain organization. Good! I immediately took my brothers together to investigate, find customers, write documents, design, compile code, perform tests, and accept them. "Snap", I put the acceptance contract in front of the boss, and told him it was awesome to tell him that what you gave me was done, and the customer was very satisfied. The whole process is like this. The boss is very happy and I am happy.

Turning to the topic, if we think of chasing girls as a project, well, this time it seems very serious. For the whole project, code writing has been removed from the second line, and more is the management and monitoring of projects. First, you need to find the girl you expected in the red box, and then look at it left and right. Are you satisfied with the volume of attention on the appearance? Can I catch it? After a while, I finally decided not to belong to her. Well, the target is locked, and then you will greet your friends and friends to get together, tell them what you want to do, the target you want to pursue, and express your ideas, strategy, conspiracy. The three stinks are able to stick to a Zhuge Liang, and they are nagging and tossing, finally forming an overall implementation plan. Next, you are the hero. This is where you come to the stage. This is where you create an accident. This is where you happen to create an accident. This hero will save the beauty and then the hero will save the beauty. Anyway, you need to make every effort to get rid of all kinds of accidents, reasons to contact her, pursue her, tell her that you like her, that's it. Haha ....

If fourth regards chasing girls as a product products

It is not easy for a project or system to be packaged as a product. There are more factors to consider than a project, such as feasibility, compatibility, variability, scalability, knowledge, and efficiency, legal and other things that do not need or need to be considered in the project. The biggest difference between a project and a product is that the scope of its attention is different. A project is oriented to one or several customers, while a product is oriented to one or more markets and fields, the customer group involved is not a simple one or two, but a broad one. Imagine an OA or ERP that has been successfully implemented in an enterprise or organization. If you want to put it in the whole province, it would be a huge project for all the enterprises or organizations in the whole country or all over the world. How much manpower and material resources are required, how many market researches are carried out, and the feasibility study and discussion are allowed. Once the product development goal is determined, it is eventually reflected in a software, and the factors to be considered are transformed into system function generalization, product planning, version upgrade, and platform compatibility.

A usable product always comes from a mature project, or multiple customers of a system. Only by allowing more customers to use your system can you find common concerns, core business processing, and user experience in constant business changes. In the end, you need to apply this to your project and constantly upgrade and improve it to become a product. I have met some bosses who always say with great fanfare what products will be launched for the market in a certain month and what software will be released for a certain field in a certain month. I am speechless about this. Of course, I am very touched by this passion, but I am touched by it. I would like to ask if he has done market research, feasibility analysis, customer understanding, and market development trend and saturation, if we haven't even done these basic steps, let's just calm down. This is just a nonsense thing. If we get more money, we can only get water from a basket of bamboo.

Similarly, if you think of chasing girls as a product research, it will take a long time to hone and feel. First, you should test whether you want to pursue a girl's living habits, hobbies, lifestyle, family background, and interpersonal communication. Then, you will invite professional family analysts, financial experts, Niu experts, Packaging experts, training experts, feng shui numerics, and loyal guards that are generally used only by you. These people are combined to form a powerful Niu team. The family analysts and financial experts are responsible for analyzing the feasibility and return rates of female Chase; the girls experts, Packaging experts, and training experts are responsible for improving self-cultivation, personal temperament, best practices, and right tactics; the feng shui numerator is responsible for analyzing the birthdate eight characters and figuring out the wangfu numerology. As for those loyal guards you use, they help you create, transform, and cooperate in the implementation of various small stages, abstract The popular methods for chasing women and improve their implementation strategies. The whole process is like this. As long as you have enough financial resources, manpower, and strength, you can execute it.

I have mentioned four ways to pursue girls. It is most important for you to choose. If you want to pursue the common public, select first for the girl next door; if you want to pursue outstanding and special beautiful girls, select second; if you want to pursue the fascinating goddess, such as Lin Zhiling, select third. select fourth if you want to pursue the giants of the world, such as Clinton and Rockefeller. As the saying goes, "How many feet to choose how many shoes", don't look for the big ones, don't discard the small ones, just choose the right one.

You must be clear about yourself in everything you do so that you can correctly sit on your seat. Those who are too imaginary, too arrogant, chasing girls, and so on. If you don't want to catch up with beautiful girls, you need to think carefully when you see beautiful girls. If it is suitable for practice, you still need to think carefully. Otherwise, you will be defeated and you will have to regret it.

Remember one sentence: taking a girl at risk requires caution. Haha...

(Note: All my articles are original articles. Please indicate the source for reprinting! Dao guangjianying 201000801 is written in Shenzhen .)

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