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1. If your operating system is Windows Server 2003, use the information below to obtain hotfix. Since hotfix is not available to download directly from the site, you can also dial Microsoft's 8008203800 technical support line for partners.

An access violation error may occur into the W3wp.exe process after your install hotfix 908521 in Windows Server 2003 with Se Rvice Pack 1


2. If the problem persists, it is recommended that you do the following to arrange the error:

(1). Please temporarily uninstall the recently installed Third-party software to see if the problem persists.

(2). We recommend that you try clean Boot:

A. Running Msconfig

B. Select Selective startup under General

C. Then clear the check boxes for process System.ini file, process Win.ini file, and load Startup Items, but retain the original boot.ini.

D. Under the service, point to hide all Windows services, then select Disable all.

E. Then reboot. See if the problem still occurs.

Document II:

Recently saw a lot of friends host "external objects occurred in the catch error (C0000005)" In response to everyone's request to deal with the method!

Active Server Pages error ' ASP 0115 '

Unexpected error


A catch error (C0000005) occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue execution.

Active Server Pages error ' ASP 0240 '

Script Engine exception


ScriptEngine produced an abnormal ' C0000005 ' (Error in ' Iactivescript::close () ', from ' cactivescriptengine::finalrelease () ').

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This error is currently known for 2 reasons!

1.VBScript and MDAC itself errors cause resolution instability!

2.ACCESS error caused by!

For Access databases, access can degrade dramatically when the size of the database exceeds 50M! It can be unstable. Other errors may occur concurrently!

If your database is too large, then the processing method is also very simple! Delete useless data, site do fine, not in quantity, strictly control the size of the database! However, is not a long-term treatment, to sleep without worry, the best way is to upgrade the database to sql2000 above version! This can solve the problem completely!

If it is because of VBScript and MDAC itself, the IDC assistance operation is required!

1, from other computers (with the system) copy Vbscript.dll, cover before please back up!

2, confirm your system is not streamlined ghost version of the system "ghost may be missing files" Reload IIS Service

3. Update ScriptEn.exe and madc!

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