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This interface is used to access members of all layers.
ILayer is a common interface for all layer objects. This interface has a method to draw layers and can access common layer attributes.
ILayer Member
The default region of interest for AreaOfInterest layer.
Cached indicates whether the layer needs to display the cache.
Draw draws a layer to the specified display according to draw phase.
The maximum scale displayed for the MaximumScale layer.
The minimum scale displayed for the MinimumScale layer.
Name layer Name.
ShowTips indicates whether the layer displays map tips.
Space reference of the SpatialReference layer.
SupportedDrawPhases supports draw phases.
The content of the map prompt at a specific position in TipText.
Valid indicates whether the current layer is Valid.
Visible indicates whether the layer is Visible.
Class that implements this interface
CadAnnotationLayer: An ESRI Cad annotation layer.
CadastralFbricLayer Cadastral Fabric layer object.
CadFeatureLayer ESRICAD element layer.
CadLayer esri cad layer class.
A set of CompositeGraphicsLayer graphics layers, but displayed as a single layer.
CoverageAnnotationLayer ESRI coverage annotation layer.
A set of attributes of a dimention layer.
DummyGrduatedMarkerLayer is the virtual layer used to display the legend.
DummyLayer is a virtual layer used to display legends.
The attribute set of the FDOGraphicsLayer annotation layer (graphic layer of the element data object ).
FDOGraphicsSublayer annotation sub-layer Attribute Set (element data object graph sub-layer ).
FeatureLayer element set and its visual expression.
ForceElementLayer (MOLE) is a custom layer that is associated with the feature layer and contains a force element display list. In this section, you can view and manipulate the graphic content in ArcGIS map display.
GdbRasterCatalogLayer: the geographic database raster directory and realistic options.
GlobeGraphicsLayer (GlobeCore) Globe graphic layer.
The cache layer of GlobeLayer (GlobeCore) globe.
GlobeServerLayer (GlobeCore) provides a method to access the globe server layer.
GraphicsLayer3D (3 DAnalyst) 3D graphic layer.
GraphicsSubLayer is returned to the Graphic sublayer by the composite graphics layer.
GroupLayer layer set, represented as a layer.
IMSMapLayer displays and operates IMS layer containers.
IMSSubFeatureLayer IMS Sub-FeatureLaer class.
KmlLayer (GlobeCore) esri kml class.
MADtedLayer () controls the layers displayed in the MADTED directory.
MapServerBasicSublayer is used to access the basic map server sublayer.
MapServerFindSublayer is used to query the map server sublayer.
MapServerIdentifySublayer provides the Identify function for accessing the map server sublayer.
The MapServerLayer accesses the map server layer.
MapServerQuerySublayer provides Find and Identify functions for the map server sublayer.
MARasterLayer () controls the layers displayed in the ma rpf directory.
NALayer (NetworkAnalyst) defines layers for analyzing and displaying network analysis results.
NetworkLayer ESRI Network Layer component class.
The ProcessLayer (Geoprocessing) process layer set is like a single layer.
RasterCatalogLayer Raster directory source and display options.
RasterLayer Raster layer source and display options.
SchematicLayer (Catalog) Chart layer object.
SearchResultsLayer (Catalog) previews the search result on the ry tag.
SurveyLayer (SurveyExt) SurveyLayer class.
SurveySubLayer (SurveyExt) SurveySubLayer class.
TacticalGraphicLayer (MOLE) is a custom layer associated with the feature layer, including the tactical graphic display list. You can view and manipulate the cached Image Content in ArcGIS map display.
TemporalFeatureLayer (TrackingAnalyst) uses the TemporalFeatureLayer COM object to define the parameters and attributes of the component class IDL.
TerrainLayer topographic map layer class.
TinLayer TIN layer class.
The attribute set of the TopologyLayer topology layer.
WMSGroupLayer WMS GroupLayer class.
WMSLayerWMS Sub-Layer class.
WMSMapLayer display and manipulate the container of the WMS layer.
This interface contains a method for drawing layers, defining attributes of the maximum and minimum display scales, space references, names, layer visibility, whether to use layer caching, and whether to display layer prompts, whether the layer is valid, the supported drawing mode, the areas of interest, and the map prompts under the given coordinates are also supported.
EsriCarto ILayer Example
[Limit L Basic 6.0]
Function FindLayerByName (pMap as IMap, sName as string) as ILayer
Dim I as integer
For I = 0 to pMap. LayerCount-1
If pMap. Layer (I). Name = sName then
Set FindLayerByName = pMap. Layer (I)
End if
Next I
End Function

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