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This is a topic that never ends. Dynamic and diverse web design, on the way forward constantly changing, natural also affect the adjustment and change of the trend. Most interestingly, Web pages, as a product of output, are connected to products and users, in the form of tools, services, and channels. Because of the unique properties of Web pages, the changes of web design are also very intuitive to reflect the changes in demand and trend.

After careful observation and analysis of the cool stations that were popular last year, you can also make a clear summary of the design trends that are likely to pop up in 2015 years. But with such big design trends, there are many significant changes in design details, and formal design details make many cool sites stand out from a huge number of websites.

Let's take a look at these 2015-year design trends, and each design trend case will prove to you that they are not guesses or assumptions. Master the trend in order to ancestors one step!

 Big picture of photography

In the past year, more and more websites began to use high-quality photography as the background of the site, so that natural colors and real details to seize the user's attention. It is worth mentioning that with the increase of this kind of website, the free commercial photo-shop area also develops rapidly.

Brave people

  Monochrome design

The use of color to highlight the design of personality has a long history, but the use of extremely thick monochrome design site is also the last year has been significantly more. In this kind of website, the background, the font and the button use the trademark monochrome or the same color, the picture also superimposed on the specific color, this kind of design makes the entire website extremely has the visual impact, is memorable.

Nine Sixty

 Video background

Compared to the background of the picture, video background can convey more information, more obvious emotion, bring more extreme experience. This design trend is fast becoming popular, I think you should also find out.


Startup Framework

Unique Navigation bar Menu

Over the next year, we'll see more ways to navigate the brain hole, slide, slide, suspend, stick, eject, and so on, compared to the traditional navigation bar design, these very different navigation bar will allow users to enjoy a unique browsing experience.

Impossible Bureau


  Cards and magnetic stickers

The waterfall flow design of previous years has not been eliminated completely, with the material design and the Windows modern Ui popular, the design of card-style and Windows Phone-style dynamic magnetic paste are gradually merged into the web design.


  Fixed block

In fact, many websites are already using the Fixed sharing toolbar (the right side of the article is also available), but in many of the best web designs of the 2014, we found that the design was more than just a shared toolbar, with various elements and chunks of content beginning to be fixed on the page and playing a unique role.

Build in Amsterdam

The subtle parallax

This is a very loving and hateful design trend, and I think we are all familiar with it. Now many sites are starting to use parallax design, the reason for it is subtle, because the proper use of parallax design can make people happy, but too much can cause visual fatigue, destroying the overall experience. In the 2015, we will see more Web pages using parallax design, which will also be used in conjunction with beautiful dynamic effects.

Cher Ami

More scrolling

Actually scrolling is closer to the direct browsing than clicking, which is why single page design and parallax scrolling pages are more and more. But here to say scrolling, refers to the page within the scrolling navigation. The different rolling navigation design makes the webpage browsing experience more outstanding, the experience and the usability are guaranteed.

Smart Water


The most typical use of hand-drawn illustrations in web design is Dropbox. The illustration is not uncommon in the webpage design, but uses the illustration to tell the story, presents the information is one big development tendency.

One design company

  Large data and information map

The information map does require data support. Information schema of the site we have previously mentioned in the trend analysis article, it in the complex data to open up a simple and intuitive way, beautiful and reliable, in the next year, there will be more and more sites choose to use large data and information maps also present content.

Personal Brand Institute

 Product priority

There are more and more startups playing hardware these years, and the use of Web pages to showcase products is also a choice for many corporate organizations. Remember the 3D design and interactive web design, the product page can present more content, even can show the product experience. This is both demand and trend.

My Deejo

  Flattening will continue to develop

Technology giants are leading the flat design, and more and more people are starting to embrace flattening, and there is no doubt that there will be more flattened web pages in 2015. In the new year, will the flattening play new tricks? Well, it's possible.


  Mobile End Priority

The mobile end of the network traffic is catching up to the desktop, mobile-side priority of the slogan is not this year to shout out. To cater to the "mobile-side priority" concept is a big trend, designers have to re-examine the focus of the web design.


 Human touch and feelings

Hand-painted illustrations and handwritten fonts allow users to be emotionally closer to the web, which is no more of a fad. But to convey the feelings and human touch through the web is not simple, font, typesetting, picture details, etc. should be perfect with good, in order to give full play to their advantages, have to admit that even in the 2015, they may have made great progress.



Details determine success or failure. The meaning of the details of interaction and experience can often make users feel happy or even pleasantly surprised. It also allows designers to start thinking and exploring, using interesting images and expressions, adding hidden features and eggs, loading personalized data, and so on.

Virgin America


Big Title + Bold Word

The two-year headlines and bold-text designs are not uncommon on foreign websites, but they may be more prevalent this year. Why is this? Because this is always the simplest and most powerful.


  The rise of Web site generation tools

Reducing the threshold of web design and development has been the direction of everyone's efforts, which also contributed to the rise of Web site generation tools in recent years. It's still too early to take a complete alternative to hand-coding, but these tools are really getting stronger, and now more reliable tools are: generator, Squarespace, Macaw,webflow and Froont.


 Personal brand

The influence of individual brands has become increasingly apparent. Designers, engineers, independent bloggers and entrepreneurs have won more say in social media, and their respective websites have also begun to influence more people.

Tobias van Schneider

Material design will continue to grow

Since Google released the material design, the pace of expansion has never stopped, I think you can hardly refuse it. It comes from graphic design, but relatively more complex, although not completely popularized, but the absolute future is bright. The next year is critical, and I think Android and web design will be profoundly influenced by it.

Inbox by Gmail

 Interactive Tours

Interactive design will receive more attention. The addition of multimedia such as audio, video, games and so on makes the interaction more possible, and the addition of more interactive hardware makes the boundaries of the interaction design wider, and the creative, personalized interactive experience is taking shape.

Echoes of Tsunami


Overall, the new design trends are very large and are creating more possibilities. The combination of innovative design and rapid development of technology, fermentation, will create a vibrant and diverse new sites, new designs, new experiences.

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