Illustration of transferring a Namecheap domain name to Alibaba Cloud HiChina domain name platform

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1. Obtain and unlock the Namecheap domain name transfer code
A-unlock the Namecheap domain name
On the domain name panel, we can see the domain name to be transferred out. The side menu is "rgeister lock" to prepare for unlocking.
B. Obtain the Namecheap domain name transfer code
In the figure above, we can see the get epp code button. After clicking it, we can enter the domain name and account password to be filled in and GET the transfer CODE.
In this way, we can get the transfer code of the domain name in the WHOIS mailbox of the domain name, and then we will go to the Namesilo merchant to transfer the domain name.
2. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud HiChina official website and transfer the domain name
The code is as follows: Copy code
Web site:
We can see the current domain name transfer-in list, the price is different in different periods, some prices are quite expensive, some are still cheap.
Here, we can transfer a domain name registered for more than 60 days to ICANN. Proceed to the next step, and then make the payment. You can certainly use Alipay.
Third, HiChina verification transfer domain name information
After the payment is complete, wait a few minutes and our mailbox (domain name WHOIS mailbox) will receive the domain name transfer information, we need to click confirm verification.
Enter the EPP transfer code for the domain name we started to get. After confirming, we will be able to automatically transfer in 5-7 days.

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