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To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share a combination of Photoshop design fashion pattern illustration of the drawing tutorial.
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Follow the steps in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create a series of vector graphics and graphics that can be combined into a very good-looking vector collage illustration. Then we'll finish with some subtle touches of depth and detail, giving a polished figure and retro trash style hint.

Here the Blog.spoongraphics head design has received many comments and has been a number of questions, requesting tutorials over the past year's theme. So, I think it's about time I created something, including some of the process of building a similar graphic style. We will use many of the same techniques that I originally used in web design, plus some extra steps to create this neural retro-clean trash pop culture vector map.

Get started by opening Adobe Illustrator to create a bunch of simple shapes for future use of resources. The graphics fit into this popular culture style include overlapping circles, lightning, stripe lines and eddies. The color scheme of an accessory will be to limit this work to cyan, magenta and yellow.

Create a bunch of concentric circles by copying (cmd + C), pasting in front (cmd + F), and then holding down the shift and ALT keys while scaling down. The color of alternating circles.

Group Circle of individual groups and repeat multiple times. The size and position of each group form a stacked shape.

By drawing two circles, one large, one small forming eddy. Select two and Head objects > Mix > Make. Change the blending options to the minimum spacing for a specific distance option.

Draw a separate curve, then row with the selected blend, go to Object > Mix > Replace Spine.

Repeated the process, developed a stack of eddies of various curves and directions.

Create overlapping circles with the Circle tool, hold down the SHIFT key to maintain a collection of shape proportions. With a group of selected uses add from the Pathfinder Window shape region options, they are all merged together in the shape.

A change in the circle is simply the exchange filled with a thick stroke.

Draw a long, thin rectangle on the artboard, copy and move to one side. Use the gradient tool to create a series of stripes. Go to Objects > extend effects into shapes.

A merge group on a circle that overlaps a set of rotations and stripes. Cut from the pathfinder to the underlying object using subtract from the shape area tool.

Draw a couple of curved lines of pen tool, add a stroke, and select dashed options.

These simple steps are quickly generated using the instructions in the small toolbox of resources. We can use these elements in different colors to create a collage.

Open a file texture in Adobe Photoshop, you can find the Kraft paper texture posted here

In the select paper paste into a new document, adjust the color and saturation to make the fine paper texture. The transform command is added to the corner using a little curl of the option.

Start pasting the vector elements from the illustrator into Photoshop, positioning the shape below the paper layer to give them the impression of crawling from behind.

Continue to paste the alternating between the various elements, cyan, magenta and yellow. (Photoshop Tip: With automatic selection of layer options, mobile tools can easily select and move elements without the need to find the appropriate layer on the layers panel)

Add some benefits by pasting the elements in to make them interact with the direction of the artwork, so for instance add to the page element that appears to drop or drop vertically.

After a while the shape will begin filling in the background area and producing a layered effect because they span further outward.

With the same shape, but in different positions can help enrich the example. Use the rotate and flip horizontaly options to give the change to the same element.

Play with some tiny details and check out any elements in the layout that interfere with each other.

So far, vector elements add a lot of detail and vigor to the illustrations, but they tend to look a little bland. Use the burn tool to draw some subtle shadows. Set the tool for midtones to a very low exposure (20%).

These little additions really start to put the illustrations of life and lift up from the screen.

Repeat the above process, but this time with the Dodge tool add some very subtle highlights elements.

Select the main center area of paper and add a soft shadow. Use large size, but low opacity gives the most realism.

Posted on a couple more vector elements, this time the file area above.

In the paper layer thumbnail cmd-Click to select, Cmd-shift-i inversion, removed from the vector shape redundant.

Set the blending mode to multiply to make the brush through the paper texture and touch it with a burn tool.

The main tile part of the diagram has been completed. Let's go ahead and add some content to the central area of the page.

Add some type of design here I use the word ' design ', spread out in two lines and a heavy, rounded font setting.

Continue to add a variety of elements to the central design fill space. Rotate the element to match the direction of the paper orientation.

After some adjustment, the design is forming. I made some decisions to continue the color scheme as the primary element, but reduce the opacity to prevent them from taking too much focus.

Well, the above information is small set to you illustrator of this software users to bring the detailed combination of Photoshop design fashion illustration of the painting tutorial analysis to share the whole content, Users see here the small series believe that we are now very clear the method of drawing it, then everyone now go to follow the small series of the above tutorial themselves to draw a fashion pattern illustration bar.

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