Illustrator Design Creative Interesting point pattern background drawing tutorial

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To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the design creative interesting point-pattern background of the drawing tutorial.
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Step, I think we all understand, I do not want to say more, note that the line is 45 degrees

Circle and Pentagram

Draw arc, I use the Subscribe plug-in, you can also use the AI's own method, and copy a pentagram

Mix two Five corners, select just the blend and arc, replace the mixed axis

In the copy circle and the pentagram, and then mix (note that just the mixture is specified in the spacing, you can do according to your actual needs)

Expand, start an internal blending


Copy 3 copies, delete the duplicate parts, and finally get

Here is another pattern of the drawing, first draw this, copy angle 20°

Duplicate a copy, flip overlap

Draw points, note that the transition to natural, the method or the use of mixed ideal, only after mixing to expand, and then adjust the position of the dots, dot center point must be online intersection.

Whole copy dot, copy angle 20°, GET, Finish!

Well, the above information is small set for you illustrator of this software users to bring the detailed design of the creative interesting point-pattern background of the drawing tutorials to analyze the entire content of sharing, the users have seen the small part of the series believe that we are now very clear how to draw the bar, Then everyone will go to follow the small series of the above tutorial themselves to draw it.

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