Illustrator design exquisite New Year and happy holiday slogans color band production tutorial

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I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software to share with you the tutorials on creating exquisite New Year's and happy holiday slogans.
Tutorial sharing:


It looks simple. In fact, it is still a little difficult to draw. If you are interested, try it.
It's easy to get started. Use an elliptical tool to draw an elliptic


Use the selection tool to select the elliptic, and hold down Alt + Shift and drag down. Vertically copy the same elliptic


Use the direct selection tool to select the anchor at the bottom of the ellipse and press the DEL key.


Delete all the bottom points of the two Ovans


Use the direct selection tool to select the two anchors on the left


Run the Ctrl + J (object> path> connection) command to connect the two anchors.


Connect the other two anchors in the same way.


Use the pen tool to draw the path shown in the following figure.
This is the key to this case. Note that this path must be smooth.


Copy a path, as described above.


The endpoint on the left side of the connection. Note that it is difficult to select the two endpoints on the left at this step. The previous shape will be selected along with the selection. I forgot to mention it. Here I will add a step to use the selection tool to select the first shape and execute the Ctrl + 2 (object> lock> Selected object) command. After locking the shape, you can choose from the following options.


Connect to the left.


Connect to the right.


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To make it clear, I replaced it with a fill color. Here I will lock the shape and continue the following shape.


Draw a path


Copy path


After connection, fill in color


I will not repeat the same steps.


Until four collapsed ribbons are drawn.


Adjust the order of the color bands through the layer palette.


Adjusted order result


Then copy the image to the other side using the image tool. Of course, if you want to redraw one side, I agree with both hands.


Use the direct selection tool to select the final color band, and click in the middle of the left with the add anchor tool. An anchor is displayed here.


Use the direct selection tool to select this anchor and drag it to the center.


The ribbon cutting Port will appear, and the other side will do the same.


Change your favorite color


Happy new year


Execute the "object> envelope distortion> build with deformation" command to adapt the text shape to the color band.


Close the job.


All right, the above information is the detailed design exquisite new year happy holiday slogans and ribbons for all the users of Illustrator's software, users have seen this. I believe that you are now very clear about the production method, then everyone will follow the small series of tutorials to draw their own exquisite new year happy holiday slogans.

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