Illustrator drawing vector Halftone effect pattern tutorial

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To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the plot vector halftone effect pattern of the tutorial.
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First, draw graphics
Open AI, create a new graphic, the size of the graphic set to 1800px*1800px.

Before you start drawing graphics, go to effect > document grid effect Settings, select "Other" in the resolution column in the Setup Panel, and enter 288. Because we want to apply to the raster effect, the ordinary vector graph encounters the grid to be able to cause the effect to be greatly reduced because of the resolution problem, here, we will enlarge the 72ppi 4 times times, thus the output grid effect is more perfect.

Using the Star tool, select the Star tool icon, double-click anywhere on the canvas, and the Star Tool Setup Panel pops up. In the setting, set the radius of 1 to 800, RADIUS 2 to 420, and the corner number to 5. The meaning of these values, I believe you can continue to try to get their own understanding. No longer dwell on this. Then keep the black strokes, white fill.

Let's draw a small star, select the star that has been painted, use the shortcut combination CTRL + C to copy, Ctrl+f paste in front. When the two stars overlap, we don't see any change on the surface. We then select the copied star, then click on the right button and select "Zoom" to set 25% in the Zoom panel medium than zoom. This is to scale the original graphics by equal proportional size.

At this point, if the reduced graphic stroke becomes thinner, you need to go into preferences > general to make sure the zoom strokes and effects are unchecked. Here's the situation and another tutorial, "AI Novice Tutorial!" to teach you to draw linear fringe geometric art patterns. Just in contrast, we need to keep the stroke size when zooming, so we need to turn this option off.
Second, draw the gradient transition
That's why I have to do two different proportions of graphics, because I'm going to use a hybrid tool to create gradients next. Perhaps at the initial stage we are stuck in the limitation of only gradual gradients, which is the time to break through these limitations.
First, let's first paint the two graphs, turn off the strokes of the two graphs, set the small star to dark gray #4d4d4d, and the large star to remain white. Select two stars and enter object > Mix > Build, at which point the blending tool turns the graphic into a gradient transition star.

Third, the application of bitmap effects
Once a smooth gradient transition is generated, we can apply the upper halftone effect to the graphic. This step will turn this vector graphic into a bitmap, do not worry, wait for the effect to complete, you can turn the bitmap back to the vector map.
Select the pattern, into the "Effect > Pixel painting > Color Halftone", the application of color halftone effect, the canvas will pop up an effect settings panel, the maximum radius is set to 96, the remaining four channel values are set to 128 respectively. The maximum radius is the size of the dot set, if the larger radius of the corresponding dot will be larger. And the so-called "network angle", the angle range is 360 to 360 degrees, is the color information settings.

Four, convert to vector map
After the effect has been applied, it is now a bitmap image. What about the vector? Yes, then we'll use another tool to convert the bitmap to a vector graph. Select the graphic, go to object > expand Appearance, and then continue to select Object > Image tracing > Build and expand in the Object column, which changes the bitmap back to vector graphics.

Then select the graphic, click the right mouse button, select Ungroup. Repeat this step. At this point, select the white outside the dot, drag the following figure.

Delete the graphic directly. The rest is the dotted dot of the halftone pattern. We can select all the dots and fill in any color.

Okay, the above information is small make up to you illustrator this software users of the detailed drawing vector halftone effect pattern of the entire content of the tutorial to share, you see the users here Small series believe that we see here is very clear the production method, Then everyone will go to the small part of the tutorial to share their own to make it.

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