Illustrator to draw the exquisite cubic dice step tutorial

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To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the process of drawing exquisite solid dice steps tutorial.
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Open Adobe Illustrator CS2, create a new file, select the Rectangle tool, hold down the SHIFT key, and draw a square on the canvas.

Select the line tool, hold down SHIFT, and draw a vertical and horizontal line two of the 45-degree angle multiplier:

Use the selection tool to select all the shapes.

Follow the window > Align command, display the Alignment palette, and click the Align Center and align vertically buttons each time in the Alignment palette.

Follow the View > Guides > Create Guides command, convert the graphic to a guide, select the Ellipse tool, and move the cursor to the upper-left corner of the guide line.

Hold down the Shift+alt key and draw a positive circle from the center point:

Use the selection tool to select the drawn circle, hold down the ALT key, drag the center point of the Circle to the intersection of the guide line after the alignment, release the mouse, the circle is copied.

Repeat the same method in the previous step to duplicate the 7 circles.

Perform the View > Guide > Clear Guides command, remove the guides, select 9 circles with the selection tool, and perform the object > Group command to Group 9 circles.

Using the Rounded Rectangle tool, hold down the SHIFT key to draw a positive rounded rectangle, and in the drawing process, you can use ↑ and ↓ to resize the rounded corners.

Use the selection tool to select all graphics, and click the horizontal center and vertical center buttons on the Alignment palette one at a time.

Select the rounded rectangle and change the rounded rectangle fill color to red and perform the object > Arrange > put on bottom command.

Select all graphics, hold down the ALT key, move and copy the graphic, and copy the 6 identical shapes.

Use the direct selection tool to select all circles that are not selected and press the DELETE key to remove them.

Select a graphic using the selection tool, click the Subtract from Shape area button in the Pathfinder palette, and click the Extend button to knock out the dots and then knock out each of the other 5 shapes in turn

Execute the window > Symbol command, display the symbol palette, and then drag 6 shapes into the symbol palette, respectively.

After you define the completion symbol, you can delete the above graphic, select the Rectangle tool, click on the canvas, pop the Rectangle dialog box, and in the dialog box, set the width and height of the rectangle to "20mm"

Click the OK button to get a 20x20mm square.

Perform the effect >3D> extrude and bevel command to eject the Extrude and Bevel dialog boxes.

Step 1: Adjust the angle of the stereo shape
Step 2: Set the perspective effect of three-dimensional shape
Step 3: Set the thickness to 20mm in the "protruding thickness" to ensure that a square is obtained
Step 4: Click the More Options button
Step 5: Set the number and position of the light source
Step 6: Set the intensity of the light source
Check the preview option box to see the preview results.

Click the Texture button in the Extrude and Bevel dialog box to pop up the map dialog box.

Step 1: Select a symbol
Step 2: Click the Zoom to fit button to scale the map and indicate the size one to
Step 3: Select the next surface, repeat step 1 and step 2, one surface to stick a symbol
Step 4: The "Texture with shading" complex option on the hook
Click the "OK" button two times to get a three-dimensional vector dice effect chart.

In the same way, you can set the type of "surface" in the Extrude and Bevel dialog box for different applications.

Well, the above information is a small series for you illustrator of this software users brought to the detailed drawing of exquisite solid dice of the steps to share the entire content of the course, you see the software users here, small knitting believe that everyone now that is very clear the process of making the bar, Then everyone will go to follow the small part of the tutorial to bring you to try to create the exquisite three-dimensional dice bar.

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