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Many times we need to 20K photos, with PS too troublesome, there is no small software can quickly achieve it? Below we will introduce a name: Imagemagic photo Compression tool, you can ephemeral to make your photos into 20K.

Now the photo is not too big, is the quality is too bad. I even changed the photos to black and white, and the flowers on the pictures were made into monochrome, and it didn't work.

It came to the conclusion that it is impossible to make the 20k below and keep good quality. But on the internet Google, to make sure that someone use Windows Paint program and so can do, it seems that the removal of the EXIF information can save a lot of bytes.

I do not have windows, fortunately before the imagemagic, please come out a try really good:

Shell Code

Convert original.jpg-strip-resample 72x72-resize 120x160 stripped.jpg-strip To remove the information such as EXIF; -resample Modify Resolution;-resize To modify the photo size.


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