Implementation optimization of Dolby Digital additive in SOC design

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Dolby Digital Plus-the latest generation of Dolby Digital technology, is entering the next generation of home entertainment applications, will bring people a super sound, more efficient audio compression, and a better user experience. Dolby Digital Plus, or enhanced AC-3 (e-ac-3), has evolved to meet the needs of two markets that are currently in its infancy (i.e., high-definition DVDs and Blu-ray players). For emerging high-definition DVDs and Blu-ray players, the data compression capabilities of Dolby Digital adds to the perfect combination of high-definition video and Super Voice experience in the studio. The technology also improves the performance of the latest digital TV set-top boxes, enabling broadcasters to operate at a lower bit rate, reduce costs and increase flexibility to benefit consumers.

Strict certification testing is essential before a chip or a system can use Dolby Digital labeling. The MIPS technology company, together with Dolby Labs, has developed an optimal version of the Dolby Digital Plus, which runs on any one of its 32-bit integrated processor cores, which will greatly shorten the development time of the audio system.

Emerging standards in the home entertainment market

HD DVDs and Blue discs: The Dolby number is mandatory in the HD DVD specification and is optional in the blue disc. The specification also supports a multi-channel voice stream that allows a movie to run simultaneously on multiple independent sound paths or support multiple languages.

For the first time, high-definition DVDs and Blu-ray players allow the production of external code streams from the Internet to be synthesized from the local voice on the disk after the platters are sold to consumers. For example, you can use the channels on the disc to sound the high-definition video, but also to mix with the latest commentary from the director in the studio.

Next-generation Set-top box: For a complete experience, High-definition TV depends on high quality voice. Broadcasters and network operators are looking for ways to dramatically improve their business.

Dolby Digital high compression ratio supports a low to 224kbps 5.1 surround sound, allowing broadcasters to upgrade their business. For broadcasters using 160-256kbps MPEG stereo, they can use substantially the same bandwidth to upgrade to 5.1-channel surround sound (see Figure 1).

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