[Import] Start with a job-seeking website. Let's talk about another way of thinking to solve the problem. First, be a human, and then make a program (open source code for job search tools ).

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Previously released a tool, a tool to automatically send resumes to the Chinese talent, address: http://www.cnblogs.com/dirain/archive/2009/01/10/1373085.html

The voice of this tool is not small. Some people emphasize practicality and some emphasize the purpose. This tool is tested by me and can apply for 1000 jobs per minute. Some people say that such delivery is meaningless, and even some friends don't use my software to reply that this thing has no purpose to deliver, it is useless. It can only be said that you have never seen the enterprise background of the Chinese talents. Do you know how your resume is filtered out? I have done HR for a while before, and I have seen the company's Chinese talent backend. After reading it, it was amazing. I was trying to make an application to simulate requests, so I chose this representative Demo, but it is of great practical significance. An enterprise enters the back-end of yingcai. At first glance, it will see how many people have applied for the position of the company. We posted less than half a day at that time, and the number of applications reached 2000-4000, which could not be reviewed one by one. However, the talent network is more user-friendly, when you read your resume, the system provides N multi-criteria filtering. If your resume does not meet your requirements, you can directly Pass it and check your resume in batches. You can even ignore it. At least I have this problem. I can see that ** the level of education or above is just a little better at posting resumes in such a place, too traditional to express your own thoughts. It is a waste of time to call for a written test. All theoretical answers are full marks, which are of the Microsoft type (questions that test IQ and analysis capabilities, non-intuitive technology) some people say that this company is faulty. Even if you call it to start the trial period, it is a waste of company costs. It is also a type of work that allows you to do what you do, never give full play to your own ideas. (Society is so cruel. Forgive me for being straightforward ).

Cut several pictures of yingcai's back-end

First glance



I think you should know how your resume has been filtered out. We will not talk about the nature and practicality of the tool for the moment. From a technical point of view, I want to provide some reference value to some friends I like. Some friends heard the first response from the batch posting of resumes from chinacili.com: "How did you get data from chinacili.com ?". In fact, sometimes we need to change our thinking to find a solution to the problem. If we apply for a job manually, we will definitely operate on the browser. We can see the job information data from the browser, in the same way, we can use a program to extract only data and encapsulate the extracted data into objects to operate data conveniently. I mentioned the concept of an Internet database in my previous blog post. As long as it is a "person" who uses a "hand" operation and then uses "eyes" to see information on the screen, this process can be done through program simulation.

Not to mention nonsense. Let's talk about the software principles. First, you can use the program to browse the Web page of the Chinese Talent Search job to determine which jobs you want to deliver. After clicking search on the web page, you will inevitably submit the data to the server for processing, then, the server returns the information required by the user, obtains the information returned by the server through the program, and then requests chinacili.com in batches to process the requested job information page address. The steps are described in text. In fact, it is easy to make software of this type. Just like friends who are learning C #, they can make it, the difficulty lies in whether you spend some time analyzing the execution process of chinacili.com. Some people may think that I am bored and have nothing to do. Some people may even say that this tool is a "destructive tool ". This may be a superficial phenomenon you have seen. The way I study is very special, I don't know if my friends can realize that they will learn some programming design patterns and solutions when analyzing the Chinese site of excellence. I think this is far more difficult than the original design because I can analyze the execution process of a website directly by using auxiliary tools without looking at the code of the other website, so when I analyzed all the logic clearly, I also learned some development experience from my predecessors (web programmers. My friends who have read my blog will know that I have made client support programs for kaixin001 and haomu, a well-known SNS website in China. This is not just a matter of time, instead, we will learn the design patterns of different programmers in this process. Reverse reasoning and analysis are a complex process, but this will make your progress faster and give you a better solution.

After talking about some things, I just want to make everyone realize some practical problems. Because I am young, I dare say that I am straightforward, but society is so cruel, I sincerely hope you will be able to get up here!

2009 Striving Direction: Learn to be a person first, then write a program. We recommend that you read a book titled "The path to psychology.

Job assistant code download: http://files.cnblogs.com/dirain/JobKiller (source%.rar

If you have any questions about the code, you can leave a message and ask, I will answer the question during the lunch break at the company. It has not been used for 1 hour since it was developed, so it is rough. Please forgive me.


I am reading all the comments in the article. I am here to thank you for your two friends who are the only ones who can understand the meaning of my post.

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The gun may not necessarily be used to rob banks or protect the country.
How to use it depends on the character.

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This is very valuable! Submitting a resume is nothing more than a reference. This Helper Program is of great reference. Thank you very much for sharing it with LZ!

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Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/dirain/archive/2009/02/06/1384983.html

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