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Webmasters encounter many problems in website construction. Where is the space used? Does CMS select PHP or. Net? How to promote the website after building, but I think the most important thing is the choice of domain names! As we all know, a domain name is a non-renewable Internet resource, and its importance to a website is tantamount to the importance of water to the human body. A good and meaningful domain name will undoubtedly save you a lot of publicity fees, at the same time, people can quickly remember it and remember your website.

For the sake of their own interests, the operator is desperately introducing domain name registration with different suffixes. The introduction of global generic is not enough, but also the introduction of domain name suffixes in other countries, such. me suffix ,. la suffixes and so on, leading to the inability of our webmaster to choose when building a site, or the dazzling addition of registration fees when selecting a domain name, because once we think about a domain name, we always want to register the relevant suffixes as domain name protection. But whether in the United States or in China or even more backward countries and regions, it is intended to be remembered by those who have no background in computer knowledge. name /. cc /. la /. sh /. ac /. biz and so on are almost impossible, even if every domain name has a clear positioning and purpose. From the layout of existing websites, we can see that few websites can use these suffixes to win users' favor and grow! In particular, although there are already more than 0.3 billion Internet users in China, however, most of us are those who have received higher education. what's even worse is that nearly 0.3 billion of us are rural users who need to use the Internet in the future, you cannot trust them to remember these suffixes.

Should we promote and use Chinese websites? From the current point of view, we take the biggest new website xinlang. For example, our input volume is 12 times, and his domain name sina only needs 4 times. It's more convenient to know at a glance! For example, are you willing to enter 163 or a few more keyboards to input Netease? Moreover, according to the current Internet Explorer usage, Internet Explorer 7 is not yet popular. If Internet Explorer is popular, you need to install plug-ins to browse Chinese addresses even if Internet Explorer is popular! You cannot use IE6 to enter Chinese characters for browsing. Therefore, the Chinese website will not become mainstream in the next 4-5 years. In terms of keyboard usage habits, the English language of education in our country is more delicious than Chinese! The Chinese website will eventually be a piece of cake, and the strategic significance is greater than the practical significance! On the one hand, it forces all students to learn foreign languages, and on the other hand, it forces people who are familiar with foreign languages and addresses to turn back and use Chinese websites. This is a contradiction that you think is ridiculous and helpless!

Therefore, it is difficult to select a domain name, and it is more difficult to select a good domain name. Because it cannot be retained, many "chunjiang plumbing duck Xianzhi" people have registered a good domain name early to wait for the future to charge fees, you don't want to do anything on the site, but once you want a good domain name, you can't afford to buy the desired domain name, so we chose a lot of weird suffixes, however, we found that all our traffic comes from Baidu and google, because our domain name suffix is weird and the name of the virus is weird, unknown people even think that your domain name is synonymous with a virus. In the long run, our hard work has been nothing to say, and the painstaking effort and energy is hard to estimate!

Therefore, whether it is domain name investment or webmasters, using domain name suffixes that are widely known to the public can avoid misunderstandings to ensure the smooth operation of our website, for example, according to the domain name ranking order we currently accept, it is COM> CN> COM. CN> Net. But good COM domain names almost no longer exist. The rest is our creative domain name! Of course, there are also many successful cases for creative domain names, but after their success, they have all chosen to buy the original pinyin domain name at a high price. Typical cases include Youku and Tencent! At the same time, the high risk of COM also comes along, because if conditional COM is the best choice, but once there is a dispute with foreign countries, it means that we have almost no possibility of getting the domain name! Once an Internet disconnection occurs, such as the previous broken Pacific submarine cable, our domain name resolution will have a big problem! Next, we started to select the CN domain name, but the country first opened the registration as early as CN allowed. CN, so far many large international companies still insist on using COM. CN suffix domain names such as HP \ DELL and other enterprises. They invested a lot of money to promote this domain name in the early stage. For example, all well-known Chinese Pacific website groups use the suffix COM. CN and, etc! This is of course related to the Chinese browser CTRL + Enter will automatically add COM. CN, but it also shows the necessity and importance of the existence of COM. CN to a certain extent! COM. CN is more secure and professional!

After the suffix is completed, let's talk about the main structure of the domain name. Before Baidu became famous, maybe the creative domain name can better reflect the concept of an Internet company, such as sohu, sina and so on, they are the first batch of creative domain names and have achieved great success! However, after Baidu became famous, the domain names formed by pinyin gradually became popular. From the perspective of the website, whether it is propaganda, SEO or brand effect, Pinyin domain names are undoubtedly the first choice, for example, the event that had been raging in the previous section fully illustrates this problem! A clear and clear pinyin domain name that matches the website subject will undoubtedly help you to succeed as soon as possible! Such as life network: ride Network: carpool Network: and other websites with the same name as the domain name will play an important role in publicity, promotion and SEO! There will also be a lot of natural traffic to enter! However, even the pinyin domain name of CN is almost extinct! However, fortunately, the current market prices for CN pinyin domain names are all under four-digit control. If you have some strength, I suggest you purchase them, a small sum of money will be returned to you ten times a hundred times in future operations! Similarly, we will choose the innovative CN Domain Name. However, if you are creative, we recommend that you first choose COM and then register CN> COM. CN> Net only holds these four domain names, of course many people will ask, if we have purchased the CN Domain Name of Pinyin, but cannot buy the COM domain name, of course, if we make it bigger, we will not bring traffic to people or be sold by competitors to threaten ourselves. This will certainly happen, but it seems that is not in the hands of, is not in, and is not in, but their website is still bigger and stronger, and is even listed, he still hasn't purchased the domain! There are countless examples of this type! Therefore, CN does not have the opportunity to become bigger and stronger. It can only hold one type of suffix, and it cannot be afraid that it will not be able to let go. It is N times better than waiting!

A foreign article on cnBeta, a well-known IT information website in China, said: they think that the importance of a domain name is comparable to that of a CEO, and the CEO can change to N, however, once you select a domain name, you may never want to change it any more. Once you change the domain name, you may lose more than N jobs you have previously done. For example, replacing ChinaBlog with bokee is a typical case! Not only has it failed to bring more traffic, but has lost many customers! It can be seen that the importance and persistence of the selected domain name. He is the most important property to accompany your website, and at last, it is to be a domain name! This domain name will become synonymous with your business, such as QQ boss, 163 boss, you may not remember the grand domain name, because at the beginning his domain name is shanda, this is the difference, for example, in the search engine, according to the observation data of, the number of searches for a keyword in a day is more than 1900, but we are in the second place. Only over 120 keywords come from this keyword every day, the remaining traffic comes first, which is the gap between the second and the first! No one wants to marry others, especially webmasters who want to realize their dream of fortune through the Internet!

All in all, you must be cautious when choosing a domain name. It will be an important source of your spiritual wealth and material wealth! Select a suffix, select a topic, and do not place it in N suffixes. Currently, we recognize that COM is CN or COM. CN and with the increasing number of suffixes, These suffixes will be paid more and more attention. The more suffixes, the more valuable these three suffixes are, the higher the site weight! This is the idea of taking precedence! Finally, I hope you can register your desired domain name and declare: Repost. Please do not delete the website in the article. Contact QQ: 50888898!



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